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The best goalkeeper I've seen in my 40 years of watching Scottish football.

He played for Motherwell of course but my main memory of him was as a Rangers goalkeeper making an unbelievable save from a Owen Coyle header.  One of those ones where you are already celebrating the goal and then you are like.....WTF!!!!

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Posted (edited)

When he rocked up to Fir Park I think most Motherwell fans expected him to be pretty much past it and a shadow of the keeper he was in his prime. Whilst he was past his peak, it became clear pretty quickly (despite some claiming otherwise) that he still had it, and some of the things he pulled off were incredible. Also gave us the "never seen before or again" moment where prime Manchester United came asking if they could borrow a Motherwell player.

Huge loss in the legacy of Scottish football.

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Must have been a really aggressive cancer. Wasn't that long ago he announced it.

Sad news. Great 'keeper.

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7 minutes ago, SweeperDee said:

No age to go, only seemed like a few weeks ago he announced it as well. Hope he was comfortable. RIP.

I think he thought 6 months, which would have taken him to October, if I'm correct.

Sad news all the same, but, unfortunately, if you're not going to get better, you're better away.

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