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South Region Challenge Cup 2022-23

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11 hours ago, Bestsinceslicebread said:

I'm lost, did someone else play a illegible or disqualified player in the south challenge cup and have not been disqualified ?  Who was the team and will the opposition go to the next round and will Kello go to the next round.


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10 hours ago, Bestsinceslicebread said:

It is or he is ?


I canny tell cause its not clear enough what you are saying  😇


Anyways what's the guy oan aboot, whose banned or should have played or not played and was the club fined, not fined etc...

It's WHO IS ffs! 😇

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8 hours ago, Bestsinceslicebread said:

But who is who. Cant you look back and see if it was him oor there or him over here ffs
The whole thread is awash with dunce caps and you haven't bothered to add the answer to the original question.


What was the original question ? 😙

*their or they're

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On 26/08/2022 at 15:31, Ginaro said:

Rob Roy also played an ineligible player (83rd minute substitute) who was listed as suspended. 

Not sure how clubs can fail to check the suspensions PDF, the player was clearly listed in the cup section https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/media/9300/los04-esl-ssl-wsl-ncl-18-aug-2022-04.pdf


What a complete shambles 

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Shock results are bottom place in the WOSL Second Divsion Maryhill comfortably beating  First Division St Roch's, WOSL Premier Petershill losing to Third Divison Vale Of Clyde & Lowland League Dalbeattie losing to SOSL Abbey Vale. Goalfests at Lochar & Lochgelly. WOSL Division Four Kilsyth Athletic put up a very respetable showing against EOSL Premier Swifts as do EOSL Second Divison Peebles against Premier Penicuik.

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