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LEAGUE 2 Predictions

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Thought we could have a wee early prediction thread based on summer business of where we see teams in the league finishing up. Keeping it simple. predict your winners. play off pos and bottom.




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Stenny look good bets at this (very early) stage. I don't think Bonnyrigg will be anything like as strong as Cove or Kelty. Would expect Annan and Forfar to challenge again.

Can't see Dumbarton finishing any higher than 4th- the squad really is nothing to write home about and Farrell is a poor coach.

At the bottom East Fife look to be in worrying shape, a lot of unhappiness at Stirling, Albion Rovers will continue to be challenged by lack of finance but I think will survive well enough again. The rest- meh.

Still July's an important month for bulking out squads and the picture may look different when the serious stuff starts at the end of July.

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1. Forfar 

2. Stenhousemuir 

3. Stirling Albion 

4. Annan Athletic

5. Dumbarton 

6.  Bonnyrigg Rose

7.  East Fife

8. Elgin City 

9. Stranraer 

10. Albion Rovers 

I hope that at least the Albion can make the playoffs this coming season. Anything less another wasted season. 


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1 hour ago, TheWestStand said:

1. Forfar

2. Stenny

3. Annan

4. Elgin

5. Dumbarton

6. Bonnyrigg Rose 

7. Stranraer 

8.East Fife

9. Albion Rovers

10. Stirling Albion 

Stirling last is bold.

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I think this will be a bit like the season we were relegated to L1. Bookies favourites, bottom three after the first quarter, before sacking Farrell and rallying to just miss out on the playoffs.

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37 minutes ago, FifeSons said:

Stirling last is bold.

It's been a while coming, just can't see with our squad we can be up there this season 

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