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June 2022 News from AGM

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Just thought it would be handy to have all news from the AGM on one thread.

Awaiting news on the lower Divisions/Conferences, Max number of Clubs in constitution, etc 

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29 minutes ago, pollokfan1987 said:

Threave Rovers have been accepted into the West Of Scotland league today at the AGM


12 minutes ago, Lord Elron 44 said:

All new clubs in division 4. Finnart promoted to division 3

Threave having 2nd thoughts yet, I wonder?

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14 minutes ago, archieb said:


Threave having 2nd thoughts yet, I wonder?

Not so sure. They've loaded up with a half dozen players from Dalbeattie. They'll be used to travel. Probably easier to supplement local talent with Ayrshire / Central belt talent. 

If 3 are promoted from the 4th Division they'll probably fancy their chances. 

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Just now, theesel1994 said:

They'll do their usual with it - announce the draw (probably already made) will be posted at 4pm tomorrow - fancy graphics and all that crap whereas everyone just wants to know who they get.

Going by the agenda the draw was part of the AGM. During the Strathclyde Cup draw there were teams announcing their ties. Haven't seen anything about the League Cup. Assumed it wasn't happening today until seeing the agenda topics.

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