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Starting out in the WOSL

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3 hours ago, Black Pennel said:

Steady on now...we've got these lads going from casual spectators to becoming Head of Stadium Services, and Corporate Finance Officer, within the space of a few hours.

This is Saltcoats Victoria we're talking about here,...we haven't even asked them yet if they can kick a baw in an approximately straight line. They might be up for a game...

Cannae  kick a baw , tailor made for the committee. 

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19 hours ago, jimbaxters said:

You’ve got a short memory Hertha. He filmed your team on cup final day and you correctly bigged him up for it.

That's a few times now I've been called out as this ' hertha' character, I'm   new to this stuff on here and I've asked a few fellow fans and they've told me that he was a bit of a notorious character on here in the past but this is my first ever rodeo on here , ask the owners or moderators on here and they will give my real name out ,It's not a problem really but I'm not this hertha so time to move on .

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