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Scottish Football's Last Man Standing 2022/2023 - DYSART IS THE 2022 LAST MAN STANDING!

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It's been a while - but we're back.

Hopefully there's still some interest in this after a few years away. Pandemic did a number on me but wanted to try running this again.

This year's winner will receive a £20 Amazon gift card and the far greater prize of joining our elite list of Last Man Standing champions:

Former Champions

2009- nofixedability

2010- Haitch

2011- Galabankie

2012- gydiamond/Beachbum (Two tournaments were held this season...I think)

2013- roverthemoon

2014- Distant Doonhamer

2015- Funky Nosejob

2016- nofixedability

2017- wullie360

2018- DundeeSpider1867

2019- Silverton End

The rules are simple...

  • Your first entry must be in by 19:00 on Friday 29th July. That's the cut off point for entries.
  • You must post in one of the four divisional threads each week (providing you have survived the previous week)
  •  A full Gameweek consists of 50% or more of SPFL teams playing.
  •  Win only. Draw or lose and you're out.
  •  You can only pick each team once. You can pick a team that someone else has already picked, it just means you can't pick that team again.
  •  If you want to change your pick then you can do so but only once and this must be made clear with a new post. I won't accept just editing your original post.
  •  If everyone remaining is knocked out in the same weekend, they will be put back in for the next week until we have a winner.
  •  In the unlikely event of weather or COVID-related postponements, you will remain in until the following week but you will be unable to pick that team again.
  • If you have any questions then please just drop me a DM and I'll answer it as soon as I can.

  • Have fun!

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