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22/23 Premiership Kits

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Just now, SuperSaints1877 said:

Really? Adult versions? You might be able to, but I’ve never seen an adult Celtic fan wearing a modern day replica top without the main sponsor on it. Sure the clubs charge extra for SPFL logos and the like.

I appreciate that kids tops don’t have betting or alcohol sponsors but that only covers a small age group. Most teenagers probably have to buy the adult sizes.

I would imagine that this sponsorship would not be something that Brother Wilfrid would approve of.


See here

Same price as the ones with the sponsor 

No idea how about many they have in stock compared to the sponsored kits 

Can’t speak for anyone else but I’d never wear anything that advertised gambling or alcohol 

Our Tory board though…. Well it’s all about the money for them

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On 01/08/2022 at 13:35, SuperSaints1877 said:

It would seem to me like a lot of strip designs these days is that the focus is on getting the shirt sponsor maximum exposure. 

I understand the importance to the clubs of shirt advertising for additional revenue, but it’s a poor reflection on our society when kids and adults are forced into buying club merchandise that is promoting betting companies.

Supporters should have an option on whether to buy strips with or without the sponsors logo. I’d rather pay £5 extra than promote a betting company.

Some clubs buck the trend 


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