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Promotion and relegation

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2 hours ago, John mg said:

How many teams will be promoted / relegated from the three eos leagues and premier league

It’s not been announced yet.

I’m not sure when the decision will be made but there will be a board meeting later this month.

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On 11/06/2022 at 10:02, Stoosh83 said:

Bring in playoffs to limit dead rubber games would be my choice. 


3rd bottom, with 3rd,. 4th and 5th fighting it out for the last promotion place of a 3up 3 down scenario.

Inter divisional playoffs are a mess because they dont know how many are coming up or down from the lowland. 3rd to 6th in playoffs might be good though.

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52 minutes ago, John mg said:

Think a straight three up three down within the eos three leagues would be a better option to try and resolve the ability issues within the three divisions

Agreed in general. But I think that we need to look more closely to the issues that are evolving for clubs participating in the new Second Division and Third Division.

One would have thought that in normal circumstances that the promotion and relegation arrangements for the EOSFL 2022/23 season would have been properly sorted out at the AGM last Thursday.

However, the delayed final tranche of West Lothian clubs that joined the EOSFL for the 2021/22 season has created difficulties for the league management and indeed the clubs themselves in establishing a league structure that reflects current playing abilities and strengths. The issue now needs to be properly thought through by the league management. It is obvious that a number of the clubs in the Third Division are stronger than those in the Second Division. It will take a few seasons to sort out if left to piece meal movement of 2 or 3 clubs each season between Second and Third as the adopted approach. This may prove both unhelpful and difficult for weak Second Division clubs relegated into a largely “West Lothian” Third Division. At worst it could lead to club resignations from the EOSFL.

The alternative is for league management to follow a more structured approach to address the problem so that the Second Division and Third Division will both have 14 clubs for the 2023/24 season. This can be achieved in 2022/23 season by:

Second Division 

3 Promoted to First Division (pos. 1 to 3) - replaced by 3 Relegated from First Division 
8 Remain in Second Division (pos. 4-11)
7 Relegated to Third Division (pos. 12-18) - replaced by 3 Promoted from Third Division

Third Division

3 Promoted to Second Division (pos. 1 to 3) - replaced by 7 Relegated from Second Division 
7 Remain in Third Division (pos. 4 to 10)

Using this structure we may indeed finish up with 15 clubs in each of the Second Division and Third Division for 2023/24 season. This would reflect the Premier Division champions not being promoted to the Lowland League but an east of Scotland located club being relegated from the LL creating movements down the EOSFL to the Second Division. At the same time there could be a new applicant to join the EOSFL in the Third Division.

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The most sensible way to treat with the bottom-28 teams in the EoSFL would be to create them in two parallel 14-team Divisions... either as a North&West/South&East split ~or~ as two random(ish)ly divided Conferences.

I'd allow a surplus of two teams to be promoted than relegated between the Divisions Two and Division One - to bring the latter to an 18-strong constitution, the better to deal with a 4-down/2x2-up promotion and relegation system thereafter.


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Think i'd rather have the 6 promotions & 3 relegations between 2nd & 3rd giving some meaning to a season. Compared to the 4 promotion spots and a dozen or so teams having their season over by November.
Agree 3 teams promoted would be brilliant Dunbar,Nitten,glenrothes,Preston,leith Luncarty can all be made a case for promotion. Really tough league
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