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Love Island 2022

Louis Litt

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I am 99% sure that Liam knows who Gemma's dad is but is waiting for her to confirm it (which she is clearly desperate to do at the first presented opportunity).

To be fair to her, she seems like she might actually be good entertainment by virtue of sheer bluntness. 

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5 hours ago, sparky88 said:

Cringed at 'bundesliga' 

That's horrific patter. The guys got a record for how many lassies he's necked on with ffs. 

I wonder if the audience choosing is some #bekind thing, usually the nobody stepping forward is my highlight. 

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I think the addition of David Eh? so early was a panic move by the producers, after the absolute clusterfuck of letting the public choose the initial pairings. Looks to me as if there is zero attraction to any of the guys by any of the girls (exhibit A, the most cringe game of dare ever seen), which may have been different if the girls had had the option to step forward. 

Gemma's inclusion is a nonsense, Paige/Tasha seem alright, and all the guys are brutally one dimensional. 

I'm not going to get invested, no way, no chance...

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I can't take to Tasha at all, although can't quite put my finger on exactly why that is. Paige and Indiyah seem like decent types. Gemma is clearly arrogant, but is at least providing entertainment. 

As usual, several of the boys are giving the vibe of Championship footballers who have accrued two caps for the Republic of Ireland through their grandmother being born in Cork.

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I think there is a fairly big generational push against age gap relationships. The consensus among younger people is that they are creepy. It’s probably due to people being exposed to creepy older men (it’s always men) on dating apps etc. 

I started a thread about this once and it lead to a P&Ber posting that they met their now wife when he was 30 and she was 16. Yikes.

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