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Pre-season Scotland 22-23

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My favourite thing about this website popping up every year is seeing the latest reconstruction agenda topics.

Class Action
When we started the `pyramid campaign` in 1993, by pushing for Junior 
Superleague regions, more clubs in Scottish Cup, moves to much bigger 
Community Clubs with a propensity to grow quickly, etc, we also said SJFA
was finished and all clubs had to join SFA and make changes. Pleased to
report that a lot of that is ongoing .. but maybe not fast enough. When the
Superleagues were go (2000), SFA promised a `pyramid` ... but took 14 years.
Now they plan to `review` .. but we expect more slow-coach stuff that will
simply hold the majority of our ambitious and able clubs back ..
Another nine clubs or so become SFA full-members this summer, but
we are condemned to poor Scotland performances like against Ukraine for
a long time to come because the SFA-SPFL system is not producing enough
quality talent .. through an acute lack of competition in our game .. a point
already made strongly by the Old Firm`s `B` entry into Lowland. That needs
a National League and proper management .. but it will be decades to get
anywhere near there (not certain) under the current SFA-SPFL, which inevitably 
needs a class action suit against top leagues for preventing competition.
 We will be not start this change, it must be YOU ... a certain winner for all 
Scottish Clubs in rapid growth and expanding revenues. Class (or group) 
Action is now a fairly common legal procedure for complaints which cover a large base. Clubs cannot do it because it contravenes rotten SFA rules .. but supporters
... any individuals .. can come together and raise the finance to persuade a
tribunal that a case against the top leagues should go forward. This takes our
problem away from SFA`s and SPFL`s dictats ... and into the much fairer court
of law and justice. Please join together in this cause .. do it for all our kids.
As Mao famously said ... a journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step.


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between `pyramid` and amateur, approaching 900 pre-season friendlies now at https://scottishfootballfixtures.yolasite.com/

with reference to the above remarks, it cannot have escaped anyone`s  noticed that SFA has recently promised to `review` the pyramid

structure first decided in 2000-01 ... but these are usually empty promises, since it took 14 years to move forward the last time. The question

being addressed by a potential `class action` suit is whether the vast majority of clubs wish SPFL to continue to dictate and paralyse the entire

game here, fairly obviously (as the former First Minister`s investigation said) to the serious detriment of its economic and technical performance.

Is there (seriously) another option ?

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Any pre season games coming up, I thought Ayr was playing Darvel tonight? Few games at townhead I think?
3-0 to Ayr at half time.
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