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Season 2022-23 and who will finish where?

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Celtic/Rangers - Closer than last season but think Rangers will still be too reliant on Morelos so Celtic will knick it.

Hearts/Dundee United - Good squads that have been strengthened, and managers who are boringly effecient.

Motherwell/Aberdeen/Ross County - Wont be in any bother and will have spells of looking like world beaters and looking woeful. Managers will be enough to keep them clear of danger, but how new signings perform will decide how high they go.

Kilmarnock/St Mirren - One has a poor squad elevated by a good manager, one has a poor manager elevated by a good squad. Killie will be fine if McInnes performs, and if they improve the squad could push into the group above. St Mirren will be fine if Robinson lets his squad perform, if he doesnt theyll drift into the group below.

Hibernian/St Johnstone - Hibs have gone for complete unknowns, Saints gone for the most obvious signings. Both squads look lacking in major areas. Hibs will depend on how Johnson performs, a bit of an unknown but early signs arent great. St Johnstone finished 11th last season and look weaker across the board, heavily reliant on Carey/Murphy and Wotherspoon/Kane performing after long injury spells. 

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1. Celtic

2. Rangers

3. Hearts

4. Aberdeen

5. Dundee Utd

6. Livingston

7. Hibernian 

8. Kilmarnock

9. Ross County

10. St. Mirren

11. Motherwell

12. St. Johnstone 

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The top four will be the same as last year.

Fifth to eleventh could be any combination of County, Aberdeen, Motherwell, Hibs, Livingston, Kilmarnock, or the Glasgow Saints.

I think St Johnstone will finish bottom without ever really getting cut adrift. 


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On 22/07/2022 at 08:42, Dons_1988 said:

Any rangers fan putting Celtic 3rd is edgy as f**k, IMO. 

It’s the same gaggle of muppets who done the same last season. It seemed to work out well for them 😂

This time around i don’t see us giving Rangers a 4 month head start like we did last season so if we play the same way we did for the last half of the season then we should see the same result 

Fancy Hearts to retain 3rd, Aberdeen to get back to top 4 and Dundee Utd and Motherwell making up the top 6. Hibs i worry for as something isn’t right with the recent turnover of managers 

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One thing that can be safely predicted is that the media/many fans will rush to judgement based on whatever happens in the first few weeks. This is rarely wise.

Look back at the first week's results last season and then recall the media coverage at the time.

Celtic were a shambles and a disgrace and there was no chance they'd win the league.

Dundee United were the worst team to ever walk onto a football pitch and Tam Courts was out of his depth. United qualified for Europe.

Scott Brown was a good signing and Aberdeen looked comfortable against Dundee United.

Hibs won at Motherwell and looked set to build on the previous season.

Etc etc.

So, it's a mug's game.

What I think we can do is maybe see how the first few weeks will set the scene. And I think Aberdeen have a very favourable start to the season. After Celtic on the opening day they have four very winnable fixtures against sides who aren't looking very good just now. I expect them to start well, but we won't really know how good they are until their fixtures level out.

Hibs have a start that could go either way. Their game at St Johnstone is absolutely huge. If they lose there, they could quite easily find themselves with 2 points or so after 5 games and maybe looking for another manager. A win there could turn it all around.

Hearts, I think, are going to find playing 8 midweek European games in the first half of the season a real struggle. It will be some achievement if the team can come through that to finish third again. I'd be surprised.

Motherwell also have a chance to turn their situation around pretty quickly with a start of St Mirren followed by St Johnstone.

Anyway. f**k knows.

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1) Ugly sister
2) Ugly sister
3) Hearts
4) Dundee Utd
5) Aberdeen
6) Ross county
7) St Mirren
8 ) Motherwell
9) Hibs
10) Killie
11) Livi
12) St Johnstone

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On 07/06/2022 at 07:54, Leith Green said:

A hearts fan mentioning the League Cup?

It must be your 80th birthday if you saw that happen m9, have a good one.

Celebrate In Love GIF by HBO Max


This aged well. Hertz haven't won the League Cup since the Cuban Missile Crisis, it's true, yet have still won it more times than Hibs. titter.png

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19 minutes ago, Elixir said:


This aged well.

What a trumpet.

A trophy you call the wee cup hasn't been in gorgie since 1963. 

Embarrassing really - a bit like your last LC final when you all thought you had it won........til St Mirren made you cry.

Fuckin boo hoo

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More of a general prediction, but I reckon Lee Johnson ends up the season at some no mark English League One club after being found out as the managerial equivalent of Joey Barton.

He'll then spend the months following his sacking claiming the style of play and ability level up here isnt good enough for his managerial brilliance.

Gone by December with Hibs languishing in the bottom 6.

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1st. Celtic
2nd. Rangers
3rd. Heart of Midlothian
4th. Aberdeen
5th. Dundee United
6th. Livingston
7th. Hibernian
8th. Kilmarnock
9th. Motherwell
10th. St Mirren
11th. Ross County

12th. St Johnstone

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Quite a few folk predicting we’ll finish 10th or thereabouts. I think they’re probably about right. We’re a shambles and the fans have more or less turned on the manager before the season has even started. Not a good place at all. 10th might look quite attractive in a few weeks time. 

Of course, if Alexander turns it around, then there’s no doubt he is the genius we all knew he was really. 

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8 hours ago, Leith Green said:

What a trumpet.

A trophy you call the wee cup hasn't been in gorgie since 1963. 

Embarrassing really - a bit like your last LC final when you all thought you had it won........til St Mirren made you cry.

Fuckin boo hoo


one of the perks of membership of the “I’ve seen my team  win the Scottish cup club” is that you no longer need to pretend the League cup is important 

this should have been made clear  in the membership handbook you received in 2016

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