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2022/23 UEFA Nations League

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2 minutes ago, Jim McLean's Ghost said:

C4 host huffing that copium

She sounded like she'd got her Christmas presents early.

"England scored three goals! Much better preparation for the World Cup! Squeeee!"

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6 minutes ago, Empty It said:

6 goals and still the most boring match you could ever hope to watch. Southgate's jacket must be on a shaky peg.

Southgate will not be sacked until they have either Howe or Potter lined up for the job. 

he gets this World Cup and anything less than Semis he’s gone.

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The chaotic last 20 minutes covers another poor performance, although did give a clue as to what this England side could be like if they actually played with some attacking intent and committed players forward.

That England system is really bizarre. They effectively have 8 defensive players and 3 attackers with nothing inbetween. Defensively they have 3 centre backs, 2 of which are doing nothing at any one time, while they get overrun in midfield due to being outnumbered. The 2nd and 3rd goals came from Germany players getting shots off 18-20 yards out where there was no midfielder while the centre backs were too deep to affect the play, standing in their own box with no-one to mark. Southgate seems to think playing 3 centre backs is necessary because they aren't very strong in that position, but actually his system that he's created is just exposing them even more. A properly organised 4231 gives them much more protection and allows them to commit more players forward in attack.

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8 minutes ago, HeartsOfficialMoaner said:

How good was Bellingham? The pundits love him.

Will he be as good as Gascoigne? I haven't seen him play a game yet.

Technique wise he’s miles better than anything else England have in that area (Rice, Henderson). Playing in the Bundesliga will do that to a player. 

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4 hours ago, Alert Mongoose said:

That ref looks strangely familiar. I know it doesn't narrow it down but did he make a dubious decision against us in the recent past?

He was the referee in the Scotland Ukraine game (1-3 game). Can't remember any dodgy decisions from him in that game. 

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10 hours ago, Miguel Simao said:

Hitzelsperger speaks far better English than Joe Cole.

People for whom English is not their first language tend to speak better English than native English speakers.

Just my observation of having met many people from other countries. 

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England are very poor just now, and it's very funny.

But they're still looking fine for the World Cup in terms of being competitive.

Iran have lost to South Korea and Algeria in recent months. Wales have 2 wins in their last 10. The USA lost to Japan the other night and have had a very mixed 2022.

Go past that and a lot of the 'big' European teams are going into this World Cup in pretty poor form, or not going. We notice England because we notice England.

Italy aren't going. Germany one win in seven (five draws, lost at home to Hungary). France one win in six. Pumped home and away by Denmark, and by Croatia at home.Spain's recent results are so, so, and they lost again this week.

You're really only looking at the Dutch, the Portuguese, and the Belgians going into this with anything that can be called momentum. Do we think any of them will win it? Possible, I suppose.

The Nations League is absolutely great, and the addition of competitive games outwith the big tournaments makes the whole process so much more interesting and leads us to a situation where we can actually look at national team form going into tournaments. I think this World Cup is going to be so weird that it's even harder than normal to sensibly predict it.


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