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Scotland v Armenia

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5 minutes ago, Grangemouth Bairn said:

His confidence will be high after playing regularly all season.

So not so rank rotten after all? Just a player previously lacking confidence

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8 minutes ago, Bairnardo said:

This is a "I'm taking my chance" performance Ralston is putting in.

I can remember him being on loan at DU in the heady days of Falkirk sharing a league with them and like most, thought he was shite. I think, there might just be an element of folk seeing him there and at St Johnstone and refusing to accept that he may have improved.

Either way, it's not that long ago RB was a position of obvious weakness for Scotland. It seems maybe like we can begin to focus elsewhere

Aye this is what it is, which is fair enough i suppose - i thought he was terrible less than a year ago. Like most of these things - the folk who actually watch him every week have been fairly consistent with their opinions of him recently, although it's easy to dismiss that as blind loyalty/bias too.

He may be a fairly limited footballer but by f**k he's made the most of what he has, and absolutely battered the door down in front of him. He's went from laughing stock (amongst Celtic fans) to 'here, he's actually not been too bad' in a half ironic way - to making his inclusion in the side something that just can't be argued with - all down to his own graft and attitude too. Fair play to him. 



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This reminds me of one of those cup ties when the OF get a part-time diddy at home. It’s a complete and utter pumping.

Reminds me of any OF game between 2016-2019 for the same reason.
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