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Queen's Park 22/23

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2 hours ago, mcjameos said:


Was up at Braehead the other day. Pleasantly surprised to see large advertising posters of a couple of QP players in the windows of the Scott's store. I expect their other Scottish stores have the same. Certainly seem to be doing their bit to promote the team. 

Didn't know they had a store in Braehead, thought they were only in the Fort shopping centre. Good to know.

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34 minutes ago, Skeletar Spider said:

I remember it being more like Fallujah in the run up to Bonfire Night.

Young team are too busy on their IPhones and Tamagotchi’s after school these days to be nearly derailing trains with low grade explosives.

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5 hours ago, Spiders For Life said:

This week we start forming our favourite Queen’s team from the amateur years, starting with the goalkeeper. 

I loved Atkins, Ross, Monaghan, Inglis and DC. But see if it's not Muir....

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1 hour ago, Spiders For Life said:

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ha ha fair enough, DC was class. Two great spells for us. Think we might have stayed up season 2008/2009 if Speirs hadn't left him out for Zander Cowie (who to be fair also produced one of the best saves I've ever seen at Ayr from Brough's close range header)

That DC save you mention v Stennie was the best I'd seen.....until Muir's v Clyde in that infamous return to Hampden match. Stopped us going 2 down before he went up for an injury time corner and won that penalty. He also went on to break DC's consecutive minutes without conceding a goal record, although DC did set his in the one season (seven shut outs in a row when we won promotion)     

My Top 3 goalies would be Muir, Monaghan (let's not mention his brief second spell years later) and DC 

Another good listen troops, well done

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On 07/07/2022 at 17:46, Bring Your Own Socks said:

Bit more than 'part'...The K is Kenny Haughey, son of the Laird.



In similar news....a company called Clarke Epos are in soapy bubble. Previously (2021/2 season) Clarke sponsored (matchday apparel) Falkirk FC who are pursuing Clarke in court for non-payment of sponsorship money and were awarded a summary decree in June 2022. Clarke, a business only two years old, has a share value of £1. One British pound! So what you might say? Turns out the Commercial Director at Falkirk when the Clarke deal was done is now at Glasgow Southside's biggest club! Clarke currently (2022-3) sponsor Livi FC who made a statement this week saying they were having no more to do with them. Let's hope whoever is replacing AG Barr is of a better standing.

I'm sure all this murky money malarkey will be discussed in full at the overdue AGM.


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