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James Maddisons performance at the weekend maybe the worst since Ben Gibson shipped two goals for Norwich last season.

A talented but utterly gutless player, regarded as an arrogant w****r even when compared to other footballers.

Ange was a great appointment for Celtic and expect he will make the step up before too long. He's certainly a far better coach / manager than frauds like Gerrard or Lampard.


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Leicester are full of utter shite, right down the spine of the team. You have a 35 and a half year old Vardy who never touches the ball, Maddison running about trying to injure people, totally dialing it in (and has been for 2 years) the boy Amartey at centre half who can't control the ball, and some Welsh jobber in goals who lets shots in like they're going out of fashion.

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Bizarre considering the summer was about giving Tuchel the signings he wanted as much as possible/Barca allowed. The squad is quite limited, not ability-wise but in terms of how you can play.

I'm interested to see how this goes.

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6 minutes ago, DrewDon said:

They're looking in Bundesliga and La Liga. No. Graham Potter, yeah? Sean Dyche. They're the equivalent of Bob Paisley. 

Bob Paisley, born 1919, died 1996.

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