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Martin Tyler could barely contain his enthusiasm when that hit the net. The first goal of the season and it was like he was commentating on a funeral. 

Tbf, the doddering old c**t was probably taken aback by just how astonishingly shit Palace’s attempts to defend the corner were. Laughable.

Wonder how long it’ll be before they stop trying to shoehorn the fucking “Lionesses” in at every single opportunity. Some embarrassingly tenuous attempts so far.
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There's a decent chance there will be an opening in midfield fairly soon.
Yeah and it'll probably shift Xhaka and Zinchenko inside, but the player in question is so much better as a holding midfielder than Xhaka so they might look to bring someone in. Zinchenko also has the attributes to let Arsenal be more flexible down their left than they would be with Tierney at LB so that would be a miss.

On the game itself, Arsenal have obvs looked good but some of it does look a bit like 'opening game + point to prove = intense performance'. Shouldn't take away from some aspects of their performance but this is a fired up side.
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Switched over to BT sport to watch the build up of match to find 1 women presenting and 2 women on the panel talking about the womens football. Don’t mind a women presenter as I like Kelly Cates but already wishing they bring back Jake Humphries. But get these women panellist in the bloody bin please. Hope there is no women co commenting otherwise tv will get muted. 

Also had to laugh at this. 


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1 minute ago, Empty It said:

Couldn't care less if its a woman or a man presenting the problem is that the presenter is pish regardless of gender.

Exactly this. The pundits at Euro 22 were as uninformative and cliche ridden as their male counterparts. 

A hill I am happy to die on, however, is that Hazel Irvine is the best sports presenter out there and the only reason she isn't getting big fitba gigs is because she isn't as physically attractive as the likes of Gabby, Alex Scott and Kelly Cates.

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