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2022/23 SLC Group D

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17 minutes ago, deano25ffc said:

Shut up . It’s customary to sing about the hibees being shite and gay . Ask any other club in Scotland . 

What a thick c**t you are.

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Just like watching last night's game, or whenever Michael Stewart is the co-commentator, i've had to turn the sound down as he waffles on with a full analysis of each incident to the point that it will change the "dynamic" of the game for a couple of minutes - meanwhile the game is back underway and other incidents are happening.  Loves to try and show off his "superior knowledge" does wur Michael.


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1 minute ago, craigkillie said:

It was fairly obviously offside, about three yards off.

Morrison didn't go near the ball after the initial pass, the "offisde" only becomes active in the second instance when Bushiri duffs his clearance and as it is from a Hibs player is not offside. Poor decision IMO.

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1 minute ago, Ervin H Burrell said:

Some amount of handball shouts in the space of 90 seconds. All at very close range tbf.

Were any remotely realistic? Bit of begging b*****dry going on IMO. 

Can't beat it when your team us chasing the game.

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