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Lowland League promotion playoffs

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Think there's not much doubt Darvel wanted it so it's more Auchinleck Talbot that people are skeptical about on actually wanting to progress. Clydebank and Kilwinning are also clearly gung ho so you could argue most of the WoS's top 5 have their focus fixed on trying to make it to the SPFL now rather than chasing TJ's Holy Grail. Pollok seem to have soured on the SJFA this season after what happened with the Irvine Vics game.
I don't remember what unfolded with Tranent but worth bearing in mind that although the people who post on here (including Tynieness at the time) tended to be in favour, Bo'ness United's membership initially rejected the move to the EoS at a general meeting and the committee (minus Tynieness by that point) only did a U-turn at the very last minute along with Linlithgow Rose and Broxburn's (?) when they realised they were going to be left in a drastically weakened east superleague.
Two years later a licence was secured along with promotion to the LL so that initial reluctance didn't seem to lead to a desire to stick to the EoS premier. Even Bonnyrigg Rose leaving the east region was not without significant controversy AFAIR.
Were Tranent not one of the first Junior clubs to apply for EOS membership along with Dalkeith?
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Vaguely remember that there were a couple of East and Midlothian clubs that were slower to apply than the others and probably only did do because all their neighbours had. Think it might have been Tranent and Arniston but would need to wade through old threads with the search function, which I might do at some point.

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Old post that helps on remembering the order it happened in:

On 27/05/2018 at 11:02, LongTimeLurker said:

So far we have the following:

Bonnyrigg, Camelon, Hill of Beath, Musselburgh, Haddington, Blackburn, Tranent, Dalkeith, Edinburgh United, Easthouses, Crossgates [+Dunipace from west region] applied and accepted at the initial deadline along with a youth club from Inverkeithing

Dunbar, Craigroyston, Arniston and Penicuik accepted on Thursday at an EoS meeting at Easter Road

St Andrews, Newtongrange have held meetings on Friday and Saturday and have decided to go

Dundonald, Bo'ness, Lithgae, Broxburn and Thornton holding meetings and now expected to do the same

At this point they will probably need Pumpherston and Dundee North End from the south and north divisions in the superleague to reach 16 next season, if all those clubs leave.

Probably got Tranent mixed up with Newtongrange. Thornton eventually didn't that year and entered the following year with a number of other Fife clubs.

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