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Celtic Vs Motherwell; The End.

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I started watching the game on Sky - Andy Walker said "Celtic won the title against all the odds" - if you didn't laugh, etc....
I know, it's quite sweet that they are coming away with this pish
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Well this is going exactly as we all thought it would. Unless Celtic drop even further into cruise control and take the foot right off the gas, this could/will easily be another 7-0.

Waiting for Rogic's obligatory goal against us, and Nimblerod to redeem himself by halving someone and getting booked for my bet to at least stoat.

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3 minutes ago, kingjoey said:

Joe Hart is a total arse.

Other than like John Terry a face you’d have no issue punching till you were tired, losing his shit at a ballboy at the World Cup cemented my strong dislike for the fella a long ago.

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