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Best ever Asian player?

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Was just wondering who everyone would say is the best ever male Asian footballer? I’m only really familiar with the guys who have played down south like Son (who must be up there) and Park Ji Sung.  Nakata in the late 90s/early 2000s was another pretty famous Japanese player.

So who would get your vote and who have I missed? 

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Was at the game in 2010 when H96 defeated SV Hamburg 3-2 in a top level game. A young (17yo) Son Heung-min scored both Hamburg goals. Could see that he was a class player.

Would also give a mention to Shinji Kagawa. Didn't really do it for Man. Utd, but was an important player for Dortmund.

When I lived in China, was at a friendly between Shanghai Shenhua & Man. Utd, where he scored his 1st goal for United.

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On 12/05/2022 at 21:57, Theroadlesstravelled said:

Good thread.

Ali Daei. Bayern Munich legend.

Also wins best tash award.

Would be my choice. Admittedly a weaker confederation but 109 international goals in 149 caps was a tremendous return 👏


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Omar Abdulrahman is a very big deal in the middle-east/AFC west region. A proper superstar.

Kind of like Old Firm players who can make great money and never move house by just sticking with Rangers/Celtic, he's stuck in the UAE and Saudi Arabia being paid huge money despite easily being good enough to play in Europe. He played for Al Ain and Al-Hilal, both of which are very big clubs in the region.

He's won a load of trophies, he's been Asian player of the year, he's been Emirati player of the year quite a few times. He was a stand-out at the AFC Cup in 2015 and looked a certainty to go abroad, but instead he signed a big-oney new contract at Al Ain.

We'll never know how he'd have done in Europe, as it looks like he'll never go now that he's 30. But a genuine superstar who is just off the radar in Europe. Was linked with Barcelona and had an offer from Man City. Hard to ever be sure, but the long-standing suspicion is that he was just fine living nearer home and hoovering up huge amounts of cash. Which is fair enough, I suppose.

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