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Attendances at League Games

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I see that approx attendances have been put together for this season for the Lowland League and are likely to be there for all of the East of Scotland League's Divisions when all fixtures are complete. It's a shame that there aren't the same figures for the WoS or the other Pyramid Leagues.

Doubt that any of the Pyramid Leagues would wish to get into recording this sort of detail but it would be interesting to see how Leagues and teams compare.  Any enthusiasts out there who might be willing to have a go, even for a single Division, next season?

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The headcounts were started in 2018-19 and only included the Lowland, EoSFL & SOSFL.

In 2019-20 it was expanded to all the pyramid leagues, juniors, and NCL.

The person that started it @Burnieclub78 was unable to do so this season, and @The Faceman generously offered to step in to cover the EoSFL and Lowland.

I don't think any serious thought will have been given towards next season as yet.

On the face of it, it does seem that clubs/fans/casuals are willing to share these details. It's just an incredibly time consuming task pulling it all together, developing the contacts and chasing the loose ends.

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Thought it best to raise this topic early for next season in the hope that somehow arrangements can be made for attendances to be posted as in the EoS and Lowland threads.

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