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Jack Ross's Blazers and Shorts Tour - The Dundee United 2022-23 Europa Conference League Thread

Ray Patterson

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3 minutes ago, captainkev said:

Considering he had a few injuries  season, I feared the worst when he picked up that knock late in the 1st half that had him limping for the last few mins before half time.

Very encouraging that he not only shrugged it off but also lasted the full match.

I also thought Freeman wasn't quite as bad as people were saying earlier. He wasoutof pisition and the pace AZ had down the right meant he had to rein his tendency to join in the attack. He got caught out a couple of times but still made some very important interventions.

He's very unfortunate that Smith has been very solid since he came back from injury last season and limited Freeman's gametime.

Aye, he definitely wasn't terrible just looked uncomfortable at the start. He definitely made some good tackles and tracked back everytime. 

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21 minutes ago, ArabianKnight said:

Great match. 

Freeman really shouldn't play LB, can't fault him for effort but their right side skinned him most times. Sheep didn't look comfortable at all. 

Middleton was decent but the foul he got carded for was never a free kick. Was right behind it and the laddy was slipping before he touched him but from the refs view it would have looked a foul. 

Excellent goal and the whole team done great, even Harkes had a decent game. 

McGrath and Sibbald will win games for us. 

Levitt was just classy although he looked a lot less than match fit. 

Freeman was our weakest link tonight but he’s not a natural LB and we were playing a very good team so we should cut him some slack.

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49 minutes ago, Ludo*1 said:

They were shite though? Doesn't take anything away from your performance. Deserved and impressive win. If Alkmaar are on form, most Scottish sides shouldn't have a chance other than the OF. You took advantage of that and looked like a much superior team to them and it wasn't really close!

They played as well as they were allowed to play. United didn't give them any peace the whole match, constantly pressing from the front. They had no time on the ball and were not able to show their quality. So credit to United and nothing at all to do with Alkmaar being ahem.... shite.

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Just in and catching up on this thread. Fucking oooft. What a night!

Well deserved win. I've got too many thoughts going on just now to put into words but I am massively impressed by the quality of the new players - every one was brilliant tonight and each looks an up grade on the previous incumbent. I did think Sibbald looked a player with a massive future at Falkirk but figured that he must have dipped at Livi. He was excellent - so composed and gritty and tidy. Fletcher won everything in the air and more than his fair share on the ground. I really didn't appreciate what a classy player he is. He's not got the pace anymore but the rest of his game looks like it's all still there. Middleton was terrific; Birighitti looks an upgrade on Benji.

MOTM was clearly Levitt though. Fucking hell. He was approaching brilliant in flashes last season but looks like he's been practising this summer. To be a class above one of the best teams in Holland is quite something. I do appreciate that Man United have a lot of very, very good players but it's still remarkable to me that they could dispense with this guy so readily. I've seen plenty of guys at United who have gone on to be good/excellent players in the English top flight (McKinlay, Gallacher, Ferguson, Robertson) and Levitt looks to well capable of playing at the level. Absolutely fucking buzzing that we've managed to inject so much talent into the team this summer. Looks like a real push to be a decent side.

And on top of that McGrath comes on and looks very good indeed and we've got a current Australian international left back to come in shortly. Fucking ooooooft.

Finally, I thought Freeman did really well in very difficult circumstances tonight. That's not his position and he stuck to the task manfully. Credit to him that given the option of pushing one of the right backs to left back, Ross went with the young guy as more capable of adapting to the position. A couple of sliced clearances with his wrong foot aside, I thought he did most things well.


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4 hours ago, Mark Connolly said:

Going full fucking @SlipperyP here


You are welcome, after that great performance.  Set my alarm for 01:50 to watch this.  Was not disappointed. 

Enjoy your week, all the best for the next leg.  I can see you scoring over there.  All about how much you concede.

As for Mongoose posting that I would play Scooter.  FFS..get a grip!

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10 hours ago, Clown Job said:

Will the BBC be showing the away leg?

I think they’ll be posting  out the highlights to those who want it in a physical flicker book animation.

A step up in picture quality from last night tbf.

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Great to see posters from other clubs congratulating United on the result and display, you are all better people than I. When Scottish sides get decent European performances over the years, I'm small minded and a bit grudging.

I've been to most of our home European ties over a long number of years, and last night ranks with the best of them.

One incident that some may have missed at the end of the match: Immi Niskanen, who normally is one of the last off the pitch, applauding the crowd in his distinctive manner, was first to the tunnel, and waited to shake every one of his team mates on the way to the dressing room. 


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3 hours ago, Estragon said:

That must have been amazing for a United fan to be there last night. Tannadice looking absolutely spectacular. Hopefully they can conjure up a similar performance in the second leg. 


2 hours ago, Mr. X said:

Well done United performance and the atmosphere looked brilliant.

Hopefully we can put on such a good display in our European games.

Definitely one of the best crowds at Tannadice in years. Not even just in numbers but there was nae c**t around me moaning constantly, everyone was behind the team. 

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