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QP v Airdrie /Airdrie V QP Play off FINAL

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2 minutes ago, 2lgm said:

Cheers - trains favourite just now tho.

Train then underground for me. Road works on m8 and the carry on with parking is too much for me tonight 🤣

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7 hours ago, Bring Your Own Socks said:

I think everyone outside QP fancies Airdrie to win the tie. Owen Coyle will see that as an advantage.

I'm sure Owen is on here checking what neutrals are supporting QP to help with his prematch motivational talk. 

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2 minutes ago, oneteaminglasgow said:

How come the Queens players have names on their shirts but Airdrie are just numbers?

And why the f**k does Quitongo just have ‘Jai’? He’s absolutely nowhere near good enough for that nonsense. 

Maybe he thought the notorious Airdrie nudgers would have an apoplexy if they saw the word Quitongo.

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16 minutes ago, D'Jaffo said:

f**k off Hopkin you fat ginger w**k.

If this BBC Alba gig stops him from trying to manage football clubs, then I’m all for it.

Surely there’s at least one former footballer in Scotland who can speak Gaelic though?

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3 minutes ago, Zen Archer (Raconteur) said:

The commentator is being critical of a persons running style.

Quality post to be fair ...

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