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QP v Airdrie /Airdrie V QP Play off FINAL

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Surely championship teams want Airdrie back.

Queens are obviously a great Scottish club in historical terms but the club has a real dullness to it. That championship is as dull as it gets tbh. 

Airdrie however have a history of being pretty glorious in the 90’s and the matches back then live long in the memory of Scottish football fans (see Hearts/Motherwell/Raith/Celtic/Rangers/ Sparta Prague ;) etc…). 

You’re kidding yourself on if you don’t want to see us up. The thistle cup game this season had a right good atmosphere and actually felt competitive.  

The drama and slaggings could be immense. 

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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, Aufc said:

They are also a nothing club. Not a huge support.

A huge 40 less than Airdrie on average.

1 hour ago, Aufc said:

Any support don’t really offer much.

Apologies we have no racist & sectarian fans.

1 hour ago, Aufc said:

Throw in the fact they are only where they are because they have cash then I’d be glad to see the back of them either way.


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Perfectly described. We tend to be more “up for it” against teams higher up in the league. Undefeated against Cove suggests we’re no mugs when we can bothered. It’s when we’ve played East Fife, Alloa, Clyde etc where we’ve looked utterly pathetic. 
Don’t get me wrong, the last visit to Airdrie was an atrocious performance, easily our worst of the season. However, it’s not our DOF in charge this time and we’ve now got a legitimate and experienced manager who’s been successful in navigating a team out the play offs. Our team is near enough full strength and we reverted to a more stuffy approach against Dunfermline which seems to suit the defence, in particular Peter Grant and Michael Doyle who aren’t exactly graceful on the ball to put it lightly. 
Airdrie should absolutely feel confident going into this and will be the favourites but I’ve always had this sneaky suspicion from a while back that we could drag our way through the playoffs. It’s working so far
From a Qp perspective, you think that if we fail to go up, due to our fortunate financial position, we will hopefully be able to compete with anyone in league 1 next season. Do Airdrie fans feel that they need to go up this season with League 1 looking increasingly competitive? Definitely seems now the best chance you’ve got to gain promotion 

I suspect if we don’t go up then Ian Murray could leave. Once he leaves then it opens up the possibility of some of the players leaving. The likes of Dylan easton who is almost irreplaceable. The team seem to have a great bond so hopefully stick together.

I had a similar thought about QP in that I had a feeling they could end up sneaking up. Anything can happen in these games. The Dunfermline games were the perfect example. Firhill pitch is e leveller so get a draw. In the second leg, get a bit of luck with Dunfermline getting a man sent off. I have faith that our quality will get us through but very aware of the threat of QP.
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7 hours ago, ayrunitedfw said:

Airdrie are a horrible club however if they were to come up they’d be relegation cannon fodder so I think I’d rather they won the playoffs over free-spending Queens Park. 


7 hours ago, Aufc said:

I would suspect we would be down the bottom end but I’m not convinced the likes of ayr and Morton are hugely better than us. Cove are roughly the same standard. If we kept the core of our players and added some decent signings then could be interesting.

I think Ayr and Morton would be the preseason favorites for ninth and tenth, even with Cove and either Airdrie or QP coming up. While both showed signs of life towards the end of the season, the absolutely terrible play of ICT, Partick, the Accies and Raith covered up how poor they were….and the Pars and QoS covered their rear.

It’s certain whomever doesn’t get promoted will be in a near group of death in League One next year!

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10 hours ago, FLDiamond said:

My fellow Diamonds ….. is Craig Watson likely to start on Thursday? Need to make a couple of changes I think.  Any thoughts on our lineup?  

I think Watson is a certainty to come back in. MacDonald was the weak link over the two legs and Watson's physicality made a big difference when he came on. I think he’s a better all round right back too and better suited to this game, so hopefully he is in. 

Assuming there’s no new injuries, I think the only other change will be Gabby McGill back in for Scott McGill. I’d consider bringing Kerr in for Agnew with McCabe moving up but I think these games, the first leg at least, will be much less frantic than the Montrose games and I think Murray will go for Agnew’s experience in there to retain possession and keep things steady. Kerr would perhaps add a bit more height for set-pieces, which Queen’s Park are a threat from, as well as allowing McCabe to give us a bit more energy in midfield.

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Not the only one who had a feeling QP would find a way past a Dunfermline side who I was going to call demoralised, but that would presuppose they were ever, ehm, 'moralised' to begin with. Despite fancying them to go up in the summer (what a beamer for me) once the matches got underway they've had a look of a team with no guts right the way along. Granted, they got a few statement wins like when they massacred thistle, but over the piece it seems these were lapses out of general dreadfulness that never lasted long. 

The QP sides we have played were different animals than the current version, I would suspect. Coyle has, to the surprise of nobody, made a big difference to them since stepping in and his being one of my footballing heroes growing up adds a certain fear to the whole thing, but in brass tacks terms, this is as good a chance to go up as we could ever really ask for. 

The second leg at home feels gigantic, albeit that didn't stop QP in the semi-final. Even so, what we did on Saturday underlines our capacity at home to overwhelm our opponents. A narrow defeat wasn't a disaster last round nor will it be in this, but you'd have to reckon we've a better chance of getting away from Firhill with a positive result than we did at Links Park. 

Needing to go through extra-time did for us last season, but as many have pointed out, that was more the straw that broke the camel's back after the hectic schedule and injuries incurred. We should not have anything like the same level of fatigue this time. QP cunting their way through is something a lot of posters have forecast as a distinct possibility and if they do it, it'll be some achievement for a side who struggled most of the season and will underline how crucial it is to sneak into that top 4 any way you can (chuckles in the general direction of falkirk). All that notwithstanding, we're a better team than QP, with better individual performers, more attacking threat, more creativity and an absolutely ferocious appetite, as that stupit game of football on Saturday proves. 

We're favourites, and that likely suits our opponents, but we're favourites because of how evidently better we've been over the season. League standings count for nothing now (apart from the home second leg of course) but they do demonstrate that we have the players to win this tie. I'll be hoping QP win the third tier next season, so they can come up and join us in the championship with a fully finished Lesser Hampden. nouveau riche or not, I'd rather them than Kelty, and of course everyone would rather them than dunfermline or falkirk. 

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16 minutes ago, AndyDD said:

I'll be hoping QP win the third tier next season, so they can come up and join us in the championship with a fully finished Lesser Hampden. nouveau riche or not, I'd rather them than Kelty, and of course everyone would rather them than dunfermline or falkirk. 

We are a different animal now from our league appearances so I wouldn't be chicken counting .....

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4 minutes ago, bridgeofweirdo said:

We are a different animal now from our league appearances so I wouldn't be chicken counting .....

Oh for sure, I did say that earlier in my post. Coyle only stepped in after our last game against one another and, unsurprisingly, he has made a difference. 

It's an overly long post mind you, so I can understand forgetting the start by the time you got to the end!

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17 hours ago, Xanadu2112 said:

The only downside of maybe going up is that I rather like trips to Montrose, Peterhead, Methil etc.

Going to Crappielow, Fudless park, Scumerset, Dreary Dens… hardly gets the cultural juices flowing.

At least Cove and Arbroath have something of the sea air to offer!

Anyway work to do before all that can be a reality.

Love the Ayr Utd loons talking down to us already. They really are a magnificent footballing team! Actually forgot about their deluded followers.


I do love a trip to Peterhead, Links Park and the likes... but not after 10 years. Get us up and playing teams who actually bring a travelling support and in games with a bit of needle like Ayr and Thistle please. Also need to put Accies in their place. Besides with Gayfield (possibly), Somerset, Cappielow, Inverness and Dens you've probably got just as many 'proper' football grounds or away days in the Championship as you do League 1 anyway. A shame Palmerston and East End Park are away from that perspective mind you. 

Just fucking win Airdrie please. 

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