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Ireland v scotland

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1 minute ago, Biscuits said:

Great finish but midfield is just getting fuckin bullied

The Phantom of the Opera running about trying to put out fires is a midfield?

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Every battle is getting lost, any time theres a tussle for the ball they win it. Christie was on his heels trying to get back to win that ball there. We are getting our pockets picked in plain sight everytime we have the ball.

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Ok, that is a really good hit, not much Scotland could do about that

Nothing we could do, apart from avoiding giving the ball away three times in the same possession from a fucking by kick so he didn’t get the shot in the first place. Atrocious
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People saying it's a great strike - he certainly hit it hard, but I'm not buying the "Gordon had no chance" narrative, it was hardly in the postage stamp......

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Get Wee Al on and he can start taking bodies at least.
I know you're half joking but that's exactly what we need...someone to come on and add some fight into that midfield like McGinn used to before he goelusions that he's better than Zidane. Billy Gilmour is a fantastic wee player but suits a game where he has time on the ball...this is not that game.
I wish we had a player like that. 
f**k off Clarke. 
We do according to some...Che Adams is our saviour
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