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Ireland v scotland

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I haven't really entertained the Clarke out chat yet, but regardless of my opinion this is one of those extinction level performances that turn things against the manager. Absolutely embarrassing. 

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1 minute ago, G51 said:

Decision to switch out Souttar and Patterson for Ralston and Hendry is going to cost us

Ralston is one of the few players who hasn’t been continually bullied off the ball by the Irish yet tbf. Souttar shouldn’t have been dropped/rested. 

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Can't remember the last time I turned a Scotland game off early but 30 minutes is by far the earliest I've ever stopped watching a game. 

It's like they've picked a team out the pub 

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Just now, Bonksy+HisChristianParade said:

Going to Spurs, Man United or Liverpool for £50m+ 4A0C309C-6B26-4029-BF71-BB446AEBBF05.png.93bd6401839417f33d8430f372b40067.png

I wouldn't right than one off yet. They paid £80 million for Slab Heid.

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Just now, Cptn Hooch said:

Can someone check it's the right McGinn on the park. The lineup says John but the performance is screaming Stephen

The guy flatters to deceive … … headless chicken comes to mind … please get someone on who can pass a ball not just put his head down and try to run through people 

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