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Queen's Park vs Dunfermline/Dunfermline vs Queen's Park

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3 minutes ago, Raith_Raver said:

Fuckme, some huge clubs down beside the seaside...

Will sure be funny seeing these massive clubs getting pumped a wee Fife village team next year 不

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3 minutes ago, RAITHROVERS84 said:

Yeah cause you couldnt just beat QP over 180 mins and sacked the dobber.


If we had somehow managed to fluke to stay up this year, we would've given Hughes the summer to splash a hefty sum on what would be shite, to then sack Hughes in October because we'd be fighting relegation.

Not sure how much faith I have in the board to either sack Hughes (hopefully there's a relegation clause) and appoint a good replacement.

This has been coming for a long time, it is what it is. I appreciate this will sound mental, but If the clubs aim is to get promoted to the premiership then relegation today might not be the worst thing in the long term, seems to happen fairly often that teams coming up from league one will take that momentum to then challenge in the playoffs of the championship, quite frankly with Hughes at the helm we were never going to do that.

Again though, it's dependent on the club getting the right appointment, I'm not sure they have that in them.

I'd still take McIntyre.

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2 minutes ago, Against The Machine said:

Bye and large the Pars fans I know are good eggs, and I feel for them, but Yogi Hughes can absolutely fucking swivel. Try and avoid taking any responsibility for this one, c**t!

Hard to tell by the stream but it looked to me like he shaked a few hands then fucked off straight down the tunnel to chants of "Yogi, get to f**k", didn't go onto the pitch to see the players etc, or even berate the ref for the red.

It looks, and hopefully it is, the sign of a manager fucking off.

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