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Scottish Cup 2022/23

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Elgin v Drum would be a good tv choice, showing a lower level club - would they be able to get a full strength side on a Friday or Monday, considering the distance. No idea why anyone would want to watch Celtic v Morton, if you're interested then you'd go to the game, surely ? LInlithgow the popular choice, decent ground etc.

Please don’t give us a Monday night. That would be beyond pish [emoji23]
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On 27/11/2022 at 21:22, HibeeJibee said:

R3 crowds:

2,341     Dundee v Airdrie
1,880     Dunfermline v Forfar
1,697     Raith v Auchinleck
1,614     Greenock Morton v QotS
1,484     Partick v Kelty
1,403     Linlithgow v Sauchie
1,403     (Fri) OG Broomhill v Alloa
1,171     Hamilton v East Kilbride

    738     Inverness v Stirling Albion
    616     Montrose v Darvel
    600+  Drumchapel v Edinburgh City (at Maryhill)
    600     Hill of Beath v Elgin
    563     Clyde v Dumbarton
    540     Cove v Dunipace
    455     Peterhead v Queen's Park
    385     Albion Rovers v Uni of Stirling

?                Formartine v Stenhousemuir
?                Fraserburgh v Arbroath
?                Wick v Falkirk


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On 02/12/2022 at 21:44, Arnie said:

A was told by one off the coaches and Saturday at 6 was the preferred time cause we are tyncastle on the Wednesday night 

Hope you're right. But the big bad world of televised football doesn't work like that. THEY dictate what day & time clubs shall dance to the piper's tune, not what is preferred by either/both clubs, and with no consideration whatsoever of the inconvenience to travelling fans.

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On 08/12/2022 at 12:55, madton said:

Do the TV companies usually take this long to announce the TV games?

I was thinking the same thing, Darvel announced to that they were meeting the local council and police on Monday and there would be an announcement later in the week, I might be wrong but I’m thinking there could be an issue on that front that may be holding things up 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Fair play to Viaplay for picking the Edinburgh derby.

The other two such derbies during Premier's tenure were at the semi-final stage. In both cases, Premier took exclusivity over the other semi - albeit one was an Old Firm derby. But the season they took Celtic v Aberdeen exclusively suggested it was only ever two teams' games they were interested in.

The BBC taking Celtic v Morton is laughable, yet predictable. 


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