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43 minutes ago, The Moonster said:

The game means nothing for us but I see no benefit in starting Stokes, or dropping Duthie unless he isn't fit. Stokes has only ever had an impact coming on as a sub and tbh he isn't a striker. Syvertsen sitting on the bench when he's clearly a more talented player and needs minutes seems daft. Glad Wilson is in though. 

And that’s him taken off injured to be replaced by Duthie and not Syvertsen. 

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At least it's sunny and fairly warm. Not many highlights in that first half.

Cove are looking laboured going forward, no runners from deep, no creativity and no one willing to take on there man or hit the byline.

Mitch needs Rory. Hopefully we see him after the break. We tend to score the majority of our goals in the second half. Not sure what the goals per half is but I'd guess this season it's 70-80% in favour of the latter.

Josh has a thankless task up top and isn't pressing with any intent. Wilson and McLean aren't seeing much of the ball. As a unit though Sons are defending with no real issues.

Attendance: 1645

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1 hour ago, Bring Back Paddy Flannery said:

Congratulations Cove, well deserved over the course of the season. 

Was Syvertsen one of the triple subtitution that took place or did he only get the last 10 mins? Sky Sports and our Twitter doesn’t match uo with the subs.

Yes, he was on for a bit longer today.

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1 hour ago, TONTROOPER said:

Congratulations Cove and welcome to the League from Hell . Enjoy your night. 🏆 

Thanks. Took a long unbeaten run to seal it with a game to go. Looking forward to next season already. New stadiums to go to, new players coming in, new challenges and some Friday night games under the lights.

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