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Heart of Midlothian v Rangers Scottish Cup final 2022

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1 hour ago, TheScarf said:

***s walking about town in Inverness with their faces tripping them. Standard.

I’ve seen a few comments like this and just assumed it was bitterness from fans of other teams. But having just got the bus through Glasgow city centre I can confirm it is true. 
Seriously wtf?! You’d have thought they’d just lost. What’s going on there?

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32 minutes ago, Joe Terrapin said:

The fact they know the words to all your songs probably helped.

Kilmarnock, Airdrie and Motherwell threads for this pish.

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18 minutes ago, GroundHoppingBear said:

A grown man that can't say the name of a country. Pathetic.

We don't want you to like us.

What are you on about you tit?  Craigan was born in Newtownards, Northern Ireland.  That makes him born Irish.  

I don't give one shiny shite if you want to turn NI into Britian etc.  I was posting why him and his Irish accent is appealing on a  Irish network, Premier Sports.

The fact you seem to care about this at a time the club you support have just won a major trophy speaks volumes.


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Well done to Rangers,easily the best team today.Thought we competed 1st half and then was backs to the wall afterward.Dissapointing from Hearts today,didn’t turn up.

See you all next season 👍

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Feel bad for you cretinous neutrals who watched that. No incidents to get excited about.

Hertz played for penalties from the start, didn't quite get there. That's about it. Offered nothing, got nothing. Neilson out. 

Ra Berrz' fitness levels are extremely impressive. 

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2 hours ago, KnightswoodVanBear said:

Without sounding patronising, which I'm sure is the last thing the Jambos want to hear, but the fans were fantastic today. Really made it a proper cup final atmosphere. 

Who was more up to their knees in ****** blood?

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It’s just extremely annoying when an ugly wins yet another trophy, but fully deserves to. No dodgy penalty, no dubious red card for an opponent, no last minute heartbreak for the diddy fodder opponent, no argument. Just fully deserved. Absolutely dreadful state of affairs.

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Fine, if nothing more for an hour.  Then Boyce tired and from the minute Halliday came on we offered zero even on the break.

Injuries caught up with us unfortunately, too many players not fully fit and we looked shot even before the goal.  Rangers were able to strengthen with their subs, we weren't.

We'll miss Souttar, he was outstanding

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Posted (edited)


8 hours ago, Insert Amusing Pseudonym said:

from the minute Halliday came on we offered zero even on the break.

I know Boyce was knackered, but as soon as he went off there was nothing.

It was bizarre, your shape seemed to change and go totally passive. To be honest, if it wasnt obvious before, you knew then that Neilson was going for pens banking on Rangers being tired..........unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your view) Rangers fitness seems off the scale.

Simms is clearly a good striker, but he doesnt have Boyce ability to hold up the ball, make space and passes for the midfield like Boyce tried all first half.

Souttar was excellent, Halkett seemed to be back a bit early, gubbed toward the end.

Craig Gordon though, what a b*****d player - whoever decided to bin him from Celtic must watch his games from behind the TV wondering where their scouting career went..............................

Edited by Leith Green
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