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Heart of Midlothian v Rangers Scottish Cup final 2022

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5 minutes ago, Leith Green said:

Looks like a lodge or something , going on the picture of the Lizard Queen at the back?

Perhaps they were merely trying to "fit in"....................



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2 hours ago, bennett said:


Depends on what the ref sees at the time and the individual circumstances. 


VAR if it's done properly might sort it out.

Like looking at the penalty Rangers should have conceded on Wednesday and then seeing something else.

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1 hour ago, Monkey Tennis said:

They didn't come remotely close today.

You can point to taking it to extra time if you like, but there was no way they were winning that today.  


They only managed for so long because Rangers had their second string midfield in Arfield and Davis (who both look finished in all honesty) and the dreadful Diallo. As soon as Rangers got them off and got Jack, Kamara and Wright on any chance Hearts had disappeared.

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49 minutes ago, topcat(The most tip top) said:

Currently in a very nice Italian restaurant on the south side watching a parade of miserable looking Rangers fans

I almost feel sorry for them

I bloody told the Battlefield Rest not to let any Jambos or currants in. It's a classy restaurant.

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11 minutes ago, The_Kincardine said:

Just offering a big Union Flag comfort blanket to my big Quiz Thread Jambo pals @NJ2and @Tynie Nickleby

Love you guys.

Rangers thoroughly deserved the win.  We didn't turn up, didn't even force a save.  

Most annoying aspect is I'm still stuck at Queen Street with the laddie.

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1 minute ago, KnightswoodVanBear said:

Without sounding patronising, which I'm sure is the last thing the Jambos want to hear, but the fans were fantastic today. Really made it a proper cup final atmosphere. 

The fact they know the words to all your songs probably helped.

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Guest Wieghortsnut
2 hours ago, Girth said:

Hertz have let us all down. 

Think Bob Neilson was playing for penalties. 

Would have got the usual fist pump for getting there, greasy c**t of a man

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