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Heart of Midlothian - 2022/23 European Tour


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1 hour ago, paranoid android said:

Going to the RFS game tonight - there are no meaningless games in Europe. :unsure2:

Think we're expected to win having beaten them away, but RFS had a few close things over there, so I'm predicting a score draw.

Could be an uncomfortable night for RN if it doesnae go well.

Not really sure what to expect in terms of result. The away game could have gone either way and they've done decently in their other matches.

Winning would be good, we want to protect ourselves from ever being a pot 4 club at this level, and also it's worth a right few quid to win.

Looking forward to it. European fitba for Hearts is European fitba. Hopefully put three more points on the board and finish with some nicer memories than the last two pumpings at home.

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12 minutes ago, HibsFan said:

Out in four games. In a third-rate competition. Pumped in three of the four games. The worst European campaign of any Scottish team ever? Firm yes.

Just think - that's what every non Old Firm side in Scotland is gunning to be part of every season!

Another €500,000 going into the bank after the night at least. Must be €6,000,000 overall from prize money and gate receipts?

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