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Alloa Athletic vs Dumbarton

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That was poor. Two efforts against the woodwork in the first half but pretty disjointed overall. Knocked it about better in the second half and should have scored long before we did. Henderson again very disappointing, lot breaking down around him and no excuse for not burying those chances. He should have come off rather than Boyd. 

When we eventually did score it was a cracker but then totally switched off. I didn't think it was a penalty but daft to make any kind of challenge. Asleep then for the second. Then having got a penalty ourselves, which I'd need to see again, we somehow manage to concede again, a really poor goal. 

Rice got the subs badly wrong there. Henderson should have gone off rather than Boyd, and while Riley Snow scored that peach, him and King for Robbo and Cawley really weakened the team. We basically had no midfield in the last 10 minutes and it killed us. 

A damaging defeat and one that could still pull us back into fight at the bottom. Absolutely crucial we respond with a much better performance next week. 

Fair play to Dumbarton, pretty much zero threat for 80 minutes then 3 goals! 

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Unreal. Was literally in the middle of moaning with a mate about a 1-0 loss and what that would mean when it went 1-1, 1-2, 2-2, 3-2 all in the course of the conversation.

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I reckon that was just about worth £18.

Good thing I’m such a bad employee and kept watching the game at work. That’s the best moment in a generation.

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Can’t believe we lost that game. Chaos at the end. King letting two soft crosses in and for them, Henderson missing two sitters and hitting the woodwork twice in first half. Really bad result considering how things went for Falkirk and Clyde

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Should have been put to bed long before our first goal. Henderson's finishes are always so tentative. I keep repeating just smash it and one of those efforts against Wright goes in. Lazy leg from Blaise Riley-Snow for the equaliser is criminal. 

But I enjoyed the game. Season over but players still to win contracts for next year. Except Scougs 10 year deal now.

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