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Bloo Toon v Navy Blue Toon

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16 hours ago, ShaggerG said:

I'd replace ATS, Hetherington and Griffiths with McCann, Jacobs and Dowds, assuming they're all available of course. 

I don't think ATS did much wrong last week but it was Dumbarton, I thought Griffiths did a bit more but it was Dumb.........

Griffiths should be doing much more with his ability but he hasn't kicked a ball for years and that's why he is with us now and at 31 is a waste.

Gonna miss Dowds again and McKay and Hetherington in the same squad has me thinking a home win.

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1 hour ago, Sarcastic Bairn said:

Sheerin back in charge today guys🤫

I thought you were making that up, then I saw Miller Hetherington and McKay all starting. Sorry for having doubted you. By the looks of it, keeper plus 6 defenders, two midfielders and two forwards. Are we looking for a point here?

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Same team as last week but Mills injured out for McKay. Don’t know why anyone is surprised. With the injuries we have you could put together any team and it’d be an utter gang 

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A Falkirk team containing Taylor-Sinclair, McKay, Miller and Hetherington. Please excuse me whilst I gouge my eyes out so I dont have to watch our match today 

Edit: At least with Peterhead using pixellot we shouldn't see large parts of the game

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This is absolutely pathetic. Every man apart from Griffiths behind the ball. 

The pitch is a tattie field. The obvious solution is to pack the midfueld with energy to press every pass.  Yet we have Miller and Hetherington sitting 5 yards in front of the defence. 

Horrendous stuff.

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Definately now at the point where its not really possible to justify keeping Rennie on next season. There's zero belief or desire on show from the entire team and the buck has to stop with the manager for that.

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