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Groundhop 2022

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6 hours ago, Burnieman said:

When we hosted Preston Athletic on the groundhop, we had to pay Preston an "inconvenience" payment due to the later KO time, think it was in the region of £200.  I don't think it had anything to do with no concessions being charged.

Maybe the fact there's no concessions needs to be better advertised by clubs taking part so the unfortunate people on the gate don't need to take abuse.

The moaning Linlithgow fans should have known about the concessions thing as their own club hosted a game in 2019 with the same conditions re admission.

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4 hours ago, Mr. Smith said:

I just thought I'd interject, but organised groundhoppers are the trainspotters of the football world. Now, I love visiting new grounds but these people seem to be obsessive about it and clearly take photographs to document their visit. 

If I was the guy with the flag I'd try to compromise. Could he not agree to take it down fifteen minutes before time, or hang it up fifteen minutes after the start of the game? I understand that he's perfectly entitled to display his flag, but he's clearly upsetting some folk so why not try and accommodate them?

If I was the boy I’d tell the hoppers to GTF, weirdos getting upset that their picture might have a flag in it. Take a different picture. Sad old men tbh!

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Got to say, and I was on the hop, that people getting upset over flags etc are more than a little bit wierd. Its just a flag. Whatever happenned to live and let live?

Additionally I suspect very few Scottish people would be upset by an English flag in the same way very few English people would get upset by seeing a Scottish flag at a game in England. There are always a daft minority though I suppose.

Re wierdos on the hop, I spotted one guy drawing a map of the ground in a note pad. Presumably he has not heard of Google Earth!!!

I do keep a spreadsheet of games I have attended but it only includes the basic info, date, league or competition, teams and the final score plus the attendence if I can find it. I don't need full lineups, goalscorers and times of the goals like many of the hoppers seem to. One bloke at half time at Caledonian Braves on Friday night stopped the ref on the way back to the dressing room to ask where he was from as that info was not on the board. The ref said Glasgow and the hopper than said what part of Glasgow? The ref shook his head and said I am not telling you that and walked off.

I know I am one but I fully agree a large percentage of these hoppers are complete fruit loops :)

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10 hours ago, MTK said:

You’re absolutely right, the lady on the gate was subject to disgraceful abuse from a small minority of away fans regarding concessions.

The HAWS arranged in advance free entry for a future game for all their regular concessions and the away team were compensated all as per Ground Hop UK instructions

I heard the HAWS Secretary spoke to the EoS Officials in the ground about the abuse and the concession rule, also the visiting club Secretary, we’ll see if they do anything ???!!!

Didn’t spoil a fantastic night at Keirs Park, but left a bad taste on the mouth how the lady, who is a volunteer, was treated.



As a Linlithgow fan it disappoints me to hear this, it's unacceptable to abuse anyone just doing their job.

I would also say the whole concept of groundhop day isn't something the majority of our supporters would know anything about.

It's certainly not something that was well advertised by our club.  Indeed it was only the Saturday morning I even realised the kick off wasn't until 7.45 pm. Many didn't attend for that reason.




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I should have added that its completely unacceptable for the lady on the gate to be abused. Hope she is OK as football at this level depends on decent people like her.

I hope she knows its just a few idiots and that the vast majority apprecieate what she and many others do to facilitate a good day out for the rest of us.

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