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Falkirk v Diamonds

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7 minutes ago, badgerthewitness said:

Hoping LTL has simply had enough & decided to short his P&B account as opposed to him genuinely holding such abhorrent views.

If my views offended I apologise. I didn't mean any homophobic term associated with that word. Just extremely angry at how weak and shite our team are. 

Today just confirms Rennie is equally out his depth. His demeanour in dugbout is Eddie May-esque.

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This is absolutely tragic!!! 

Rennie is so bloody stubborn that he still won't change this awful system, we simply don't have the players for it, none of the 'wingbacks' seem to be going forward in any attacking capacity.  Our defence is clueless is always and the main difference between the teams is in the middle of the park - Airdrie are passing and moving, looking for space and to link up, our midfield are standing still or slowly dithering around when we have the ball, no pace, urgency or desire to get the ball.  The entire team just look like they don't give a toss!

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2 minutes ago, Baggio said:

I know the manager is hopeless, but do none of these players have any professional pride? Maybe pass marks for McCann for me but that's about it.

I’d say Mutch too. 

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54 minutes ago, Falkirkfan1985 said:

Speaker system too loud in South stand... Can't have a conversation pre game 

Agreed. It has always been far too loud since it was upgraded. For some reason Dave Mac thought absolutely blaring the tunes out would improve the 'atmosphere'. The reality is it kills it stone dead because you cant even hear what the person next to you is saying. Just one more thing to add to the biblically long list of things the football club cant do right at the moment. 

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8 minutes ago, GooseLips said:


You are a scumbag. How on earth could you not mean any homophobic connotations using that word? 

If you're that upset contact a moderator mate and let them take whatever action they see fit.

I made an apology as it was a poor choice of word. 


On football matters, Rennie can't be defended now. If he is to rebuild this team then that still doesn't make up for the shitebag defending and consistent backwards passing. That is coached into players.

The new signings haven't helped us at all. Mills isn't a holding midfielder. He may be decent with the ball at his feet but you can't play an 18/19 year old at this level and expect him to protect a back and be an anchor in the midfield to build from. He has no physicality at all.

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