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Motherwell vs Hibernian - Scottish Cup Quarter Final

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1 hour ago, Allroy for Prez said:

Have they confirmed a date and kick off time for this yet?

I assume everything is up in the air until Rangers and Celtic European ties are complete. Because the next round is on 10th March and the Quarters are on the weekend of the 12th.

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Possibly today. ST mirren vs Hearts has been confirmed (Sat at 7.45pm) but Dundee United have stated they will need to wait until Friday to finalise dates (either the Sunday or Monday).

I would assume we would get the early Saturday slot but we should find out shortly.

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55 minutes ago, Les Cabbage said:

Absolutely fuming at that kick off time, it’s almost as if the TV company’s want the stadiums to be empty.

We’ve played 15 domestic fixtures this season away from home, a grand total of 3 of them have been on a Saturday, total shambles.

Me too. Have a clash now with something else. Any other day would have done. Will need to wait until closer to the date to decide one way or another whether I can attend 🤬

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2 hours ago, Hibee_Hibernian said:

What’s the capacity of the away end at the minute with the changing room taking away that section in the corner? If it’s less than 4k I think we’d sell that no problem at these prices

The stand can accommodate 4800 fans if I recall correctly. I think the two sections not being used take away roughly 800- 1000 seats. So around 3800 -4000 is my guesstimate. 

I seem to recall Celtic fans moaning about only getting 3800 Tickets but I may have got that wrong 😑 

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Credit to the clubs for the ticket prices, even the miserable man that refuses to go to non-Saturday 3pm away games that is myself has decided to go along as a result of this.

Going to see Larry Dean after so should be a decent day out, hopefully a semi final is waiting ! 

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