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10 years since old rangers admin

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59 minutes ago, DA Baracus said:

The vote was for which club was to be admitted. Sevco were one of the applicants. I believe Cove Rangers and Edinburgh City also applied. Think Gala Fairydean did too, but can’t recall the full list.

Three teams (at least) who'd have added more to the Scottish Football League than a bunch of vile bigots. Missed chance.

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18 hours ago, Ranaldo Bairn said:

That day on here man, that day on here.

Bu the time you'd caught up with the latest posts on the BRALT there were dozens, sometimes scores more, had been made.

It was utterly magnificent. 

It really was a great few days. I don't think I did any work and just kept on refreshing the thread laughing out loud (lol) most of the time.

Can't wait for the sequel. Might even get my face painted.😂

ETA - I will pay up front.

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7 hours ago, Monkey Tennis said:

It took them until mid October to win an away game in the league. 


But I do remember in this one that Berwick had a legitimate late winner ruled out because... reasons. 

I also mind being at TFS for a game and everyone mooching out afterwards, when the tannoy man* announced Sevco had lost one nil to Stirling Albion. Cue mass hilarity, in which I gleefully participated, only to get a volley of complaint from a wee wifie behind me "because we shouldnae laugh at them!"

They walk among us, folks. 😞

*the same tannoy man who was suspended by the club after complaints from the Sevco fans that he called Sevco Sevco.

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Gilmour was especially despicable in his behaviour at the time.
He was quite outspokenly critical of Rangers and was right behind the SPL decision not to admit the Newco.  However, when SFL clubs decided not to admit the Newco to their top level, he was horrified and started making ridiculous noises around impending doom.
The shameless little shit wanted to posture to his own club's fans about punishing Rangers, while demanding that the exile be as brief as possible by having SFL clubs ignore the wishes of theirs.  
That most (shamefully not all) SFL chairmen displayed some resolve was great.
Gilmour, however, proved himself to be vile, dishonest  and cowardly.
Our Chief Executive wasn't much better but then he had an excuse.
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It was good fun watching their fans mentally fall apart on here as well. No8's mewlings were particularly pathetic. He'd act all apologetic and contrite for his clubs actions and bigotry over the years when things were looking bad during the tax case(s), then as soon as the ***s got something positive go their way he'd revert to full "GIRGUY WATP DIDDIES!!!" then back again when things were starting to go tits up. Bigoted Bendarroch was regularly in a complete state which was delightful, and let us not forget @Solitaire being utterly rinsed in THAT cup final thread. Bennett's constant wagon-circling was good fun also.

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The vote was for which club was to be admitted. Sevco were one of the applicants. I believe Cove Rangers and Edinburgh City also applied. Think Gala Fairydean did too, but can’t recall the full list.

No it wasn't. There was no application process, it was a vote on whether to admit Rangers or not, and nothing else.
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De Facto :

Gretna Football Club 2008 (commonly referred to as Gretna 2008 and colloquially as Gretna) is a football club from the town of Gretna. It was founded in 2008 after the bankruptcy and demise of Gretna, which had existed since 1946. Gretna 2008 is not a direct continuation of the old club, being under a completely different management and set-up;[2] the club trades under the name Gretna FC 2008 Ltd to avoid confusion with the old Gretna. 

Happy 10th anniversary in 2022 to the followers of The Rangers International Football Club PLC


Company number SC437060

Registered office address
Ibrox Stadium, 150 Edmiston Drive, Glasgow, G51 2XD
Company status
Company type
Public limited Company
Incorporated on
16 November 2012


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6 minutes ago, Doctor Sanchez said:

These threads always raise a smile, but are ultimately frustrating as vol II of that club are still there.  Like a skidmark that you just can't get rid of. 

They really are the shite that just won't flush.

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On 14/02/2022 at 00:03, gudge1903 said:

As the title says, 10 years since Craig Whyte entered the old rangers football club into an administration event which went the distance and ended in liquidation of Scotland's most bigoted club.


Mark Wahlberg Television GIF

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Just to clear up a factual inaccuracy, the 14th of Feb 2012 wasn't the date of Rangers' death, just the beginning of the insolvency process that is still ongoing ten years later. Rangers didn't go into liquidation until October 2012, so we'll have to wait eight months to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their death.

It is an acknowledged fact from their annual accounts that the current club playing out of Ibrox has had 'going concern' warnings in its accounts during every year of its short existence and has racked up debts of around £100m.

If only a meaningless operating company dies the death of liquidation while the immortal metaphysical club survives intact, why doesn't the current regime simply shed its massive debts through insolvency and have the football authorities propose that the 'same club' remains in the top flight for the financial well-being of the whole of Scottish football?

Also, why isn't Gretna 2008 accorded the historical record of the defunct Gretna FC, since they play in the same colours in front of the same supporters at the same stadium? Was there one rule for Rangers and different rules for everyone else? Why didn't Gretna have its own five way agreement?

Finally, do The Rangers' fans expend so much energy trying to convince others of the existence of the tooth fairy or Santa Claus?  

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