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'Well vs Hibees

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Not the midfield I would have started with, I thought Donnelly might have dropped out after playing the full 120mins on Saturday.
Having a CB at LB and a LB at CB is still quite odd too but it’s good too see Van Veen back in from the start. Hopefully he fancies it tonight after spending the first hour of Saturday on the bench.
Looks like Hibs are missing quite a few players as well.
If either team can sneak a win it’ll go a huge way towards their top 6/European hopes, especially with the sheep losing last night. Expecting a tight game but with Boyle not around to get his customary goal against us I’ll predict a 2-1 win for the ‘Well.

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6 minutes ago, Snifter Pee Rot said:

Hallberg at number 10 is a head scratcher but keen to see how Mueller and Nisbet combine. Hanlon out a worry. Pressure on Bushiri.

No idea if I’m lost here but Hallberg isn’t even on the bench?

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1 minute ago, well fan for life said:

That first half would get fitba stopped. And rightly so.

Conditions awful for fitba tbf. I actually think both teams have done reasonably ok on a night when they can't predict where the ball will land.......

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Attritional and weather playing a part. We’ve got big bits of park wide open and if Hibs were better they’d be exploiting it. Van Veen tried to burst the net and sky’d a sitter. Slattery benched again. Screaming for Tierney.

For a big guy your new centre half goes down like a sack of spuds.

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