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St Mirren v Aberdeen - 25/1/22

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20 minutes ago, Coventry Saint said:

I'll be fucking livid if this doesn't work. Kiltie and McGrath have yet to work well together, albeit the system suits them both better now.

Goodwin clearly plays Football Manager and understands that McGrath is 100% scoring tonight.

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16 minutes ago, Arch Stanton said:

There could be things we don't know about, for example Erhahon may have taken a knock in training.

True. He didn't play much before the split after his injury so it could be a case of saving him for the run of fixtures coming up

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On 24/01/2022 at 15:19, Coventry Saint said:

Our coverage is ok, in terms of picture quality, streaming quality, etc. I can't stand partisan commentary of any colour, but if you've got an away option you should be fine. 

What I will say is that stupid broadcast rules preclude me from buying it now (can't watch Scots games in England for some fucking made-up reason), and I tend to find Saints home games are harder to come by via 'alternative' measures than other clubs'. So if you are determined to see the game, play it safe and pay up because the dodgy streams are unreliable.

That spell before half time was proper 'life as a fan of a shit team'. We were indeed looking ok, then Tanser scored and I thought we could maybe get back in it. That glorious feeling of hope lasted... what, 45 seconds?

Our website says the game is on our PPV in England as it's midweek.

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