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Winner stays on.... St Johnstone v Dundee

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Chapman must be sitting on that bench, freezing his balls off, in a half empty stadium, watching this utter mince thinking...

'Try European football, they said...'

'Go to beautiful Scotland, they said....'

'The fans are passionate, they said....'

'It's the birthplace of the modern game, they said...'

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Can we please - please - get this formation to f**k for the second half. To make it work it’s relying on Callum Booth beating a man at some stage. Hendry needs crosses into the box. We’ve barely put one in aside from corners. Kane on for Ciftci was probably the wrong call - we have no pace or guile at all on the park. Middleton has been pish most of the season but he was the right call there.

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There are three St Johnstone teams out there: defence, midfield and attack. They all seem to be playing their own game. 

Why does Cleary keep venturing forward? He found himself making runs towards the corner flag at one point. 

Distribution has been poor. There were countless misplaced passes in the first half; I'd like to attribute it to the wind, but even short passes continually miss the mark.

No one on that pitch wants to hold onto the ball for more than a second or two. Booth seems incapable of taking on the last man whereas Brown has been largely anonymous after an energetic start. 

Ciftci's injury is a worry. Kane has shown glimpses of quality, but that's all they are. 

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1 minute ago, DeeTillEhDeh said:

I'd bring Chapman and McGinn on for McGowan and McMullan - leave Adam for the last throw of the dice.

Makes perfect sense…

which is why McPake won’t do it sadly. 

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