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Staggies v Steelmen, 18th Jan

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Going into the 4th minute of injury time, Motherwell have a goal kick, I reach over to the radio to stick it on and hear the other half time scores and wee John Robertson is shouting Goooaaal. I had to wait another 30 seconds to see us slot in an o.g.

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Two things;

1. Get RCC signed up beyond the end of the season fucking pronto.

2. That goal was soo far against the run of play it was silly.

Motherwell are a far more physical outfit that County, and are totally bossing the game in that respect. They are pressing our back line continuiously and forcing us into playing aimless punts forward. On the contray, Motherwell, while not playing too much football seem to know exactly where they need to be. They're running the channels and getting in behind Vokins on a few occassions. They are winning everything in the air, and County's only outlet - Jordan White - doesn't look like he could trap cement tonight.

We have to try and play through Motherwell more and keep the ball on the fucking deck, otherwise it's an arm wrestle we're not going to win.

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4 minutes ago, thisGRAEME said:

Feels like us earlier in the season, a bunch of endeavour without looking particularly threatening.

Also f**k that long throw-in in the bin already.

If they are doing it they should try and get it to Mugabi as he is up there anyway.

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9 minutes ago, thisGRAEME said:

Also f**k that long throw-in in the bin already.

McGinley throws it half the distance needed every time it's at his side.

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