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Inverness v Queens

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4 minutes ago, qos1990 said:

Hard to tell, poor angle. tokely reckoned Broadfoot played him on.

That was my reaction live. The replays werent from a great angle but still looked onside.

After the last couple of weeks penalty decisions I couldnt care if he was 20 yards offside

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4 minutes ago, qos1990 said:

We’ve been okay, give ball away to easily at times and as always we’re far to soft. But we’ve hung in when ICT were on top. Gordon has done okay on ten, looks decent in possession

Aye we've done quite  well when playing it on the deck but still prone to stray passes, hitting hopeful high balls and even losing possession at throw-ins. Been a bit lucky that ICT are wasteful in front of goal. Still better than I expected. 

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12 minutes ago, Skyline Drifter said:

He finished it with a tap in from 6 yards to an empty net.😉

Anyone on stream confirm if he was onside? Looked at least a yard off for me.

Without the Sky/BBC coverage it's impossible to say. Really well worked move  though, especially when you see it from the camera behind the goal.

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4 minutes ago, RandomGuy. said:

There's a strong case for both QOS goals being offside at first glance, I've not seen replays.

Well ...... we've had farcical penalties given against us in each of the last two games that a VAR system would have negated .... what goes around etc etc

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