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Coaching Carousel, 2022


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The language I saw Rapaport use is that he is “stepping away” - which to me suggests it’s not resigning or retiring.

Meaning it’s more like a hiatus/career break kinda thing and he’ll rock back into town in 3 years after someone else has dealt with the cap hell and shite QB situation?

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My Saints supporting mate saying that they don't want to lose Dennis Allen and make him head coach.

My mate says exactly the same thing…

I think Dennis Allen will get bumped to HC and if Loomis retires, Jeff Ireland will become the GM
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Byron Leftwich is the new Jags Head Coach.

Kind if had my heart set on him for Da Bears, but looks like we will probably choose one from Eberflus, Dan Quinn and Jim Caldwell.

Of those 3 I'd go Caldwell but still kind of hoping for Flores....

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47 minutes ago, Highlandmagyar Tier 3 said:

PFT on Sky saying Packers offensive coach to be HC at Broncos and take Rodgers with him.

Nathaniel Hackett! I don’t know what the Broncos cap space situation is like 

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