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Hamilton vs Thistle - 8th January 2022

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I missed the goal as my stream froze but we’ve probably deserved the lead overall, being the better side in a really poor match.

Stream is dreadful. Worst I’ve seen in the last two seasons, including nonsense pixellot efforts. 

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We were hanging on at the end but I enjoyed that.

Hopefully we don't see the back five again or Hamilton at wing-back, but Chucky was back to what he was doing in August-September. I'd keep that front three next week, especially if Redfern's out for a while (which would be a real shame but seems likely).

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Only caught the last half hour of that, but in that half hour Accies played well.

Encouraging signs lately for the rest of the season tbh. Prob too late to make the playoffs but, on current trajectory, should have absolutely no issue staying in this league.

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I thought that was a decent game, with a draw probably the right result (although if Thistle snatched it at the end I would have had no complaints).

A somewhat makeshift side performed pretty well. We could really do with a right back/wing back in this month as Hamilton is largely ineffective playing there and was getting roasted for pace time after time.

No real stand outs for us but Ryan worked hard and thought Popescu put in a decent shift. Delighted for him to get his goal as well.

Was surprised when Thistle took both Graham and Rudden off. They both seem to have a habit of scoring against us so was pleased to see them depart.

Thought number 7 (Tiffoney?) was the best player on the park.

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Good point, we normally follow up a win with a Lacklustre performance, though this time I feel the forced changes played a part. 

We so very badly need a right back, probably even 2 with one for cover, as right now we are quite vulnerable down that side. Matheson really didn't live up to it, and Hamilton hasn't been consistent enough.

Midfield as well, I dont think Mullen has been great, but because he was absent, we were missing a presence in there today.

Shiels is looking the part for me, Macca has his work cut out to stay first choice, fantastic block on the line to stop Thistle scoring.

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1 hour ago, tree house tam said:

Callum Davidson would struggle to get me signed to play for Saints at the minute never mind Rudden.


Very true.

Rudden has a better chance of playing in the Premiership next season if he stays with us.

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