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Elgin vs Stenhousemuir

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First half hour was genuinely terrible, was like watching the Brian Irvine days all over again. The penalty came at a good time as Stenny were first to every ball, winning every tackle and probably would've scored more.

Getting shot of Draper made a massive difference in the second half and allowed us to start getting forward a bit more, Hester missed a great chance cutting in from the left that he skelped into the side netting just as we were getting some momentum.

I didn't really get a good view of the sending off but sliding in from behind as the last man will always be a bad idea. That looked like it was game over for us but you can always rely on Darryl McHardy to cause trouble in the box after a decent delivery and it was some header to draw is level right at the end. Maybe could've sneaked a winner in injury time but for solid defending from Stenhousemuir.

It was freezing cold and not much to enjoy but I'm glad we were able to get something out of it. Special mention to whoever wonderfully described the referee as a "green clown" in the second half

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Stenny must feel robbed as they should have been out of sight. This was not for the first time this season a poor disjointed performance and we have our work cut out not to finish bottom. We need to strengthen  in January but that will not be easy. Why does the manager persist in changing formations and positions so many times in a game?  This has happened a lot this season with players not knowing whether they are coming or going. Pick a formation which suits us and stick to it and try and develop some fluency.Playing Matty Cooper at left midfield is a nonsense. He is best at centre half where he reads the game best. Rant over!

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Not going to criticise individual players as they need all the support we can give but I have long said there is not enough quality in the team and I said that last year also.  I know the manager is trying his best with different combinations etc, trying to get a response but when you start with Cooper on left and Spark on right and Draper parachuted into centre defence you have to wonder. Stability in the spine of the team is important and I can’t help think the constant chopping and changing of the defence, sometimes several times during a game can’t help. During this game and others I have seen, there is a steady stream of players going to the bench for instructions and sometimes it looks like the players don’t know what system or their role in said system is and some of these players have been there for years. I think Gavin is trying all he knows to get them winning again but has he forgotten what level they are at ? It’s all very well for Pepe et al to chop and change but these players are on a different planet to League 2 players. I am a big supporter of Price and think he brings a lot to the club not only on the field. It is at a time like this he needs the support of his assistant and results have gone downhill since Gibson left and McKay arrived, coincidence probably. Whatever, with Cowdenbeath likely to strengthen in January, with their new managers likely connections, it is going to be a dog fight to avoid the HL next season.

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Well it was a very well received point in the end but that was a hard watch for most of the game. I’m not entirely sure what formation we started with but more importantly I’m not sure the players were either. An absolute shambles of a performance for the first 30 mins and had we not got a goal from the penalty which made Stenny a bit more wary that could of been yet another heavy defeat. We look very much like a team hoping one of the others at the bottom of the league will save us by being worse over the season but considering the amount of teams we’ve played who have walked away with the points with absolute bang average performances I fear it is not going to happen! At least we saw a bit of fight late on today - we’re going to need a lot more of that to turn this season around!

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On 18/12/2021 at 20:17, WeAreElgin said:

Also get big Craig Beattie vibes from Ross Draper which is terrifying as Beattie has to be one of the worst signings we've made in the last 10 years.

Seems Elgin fans are equally unimpressed by Ross Draper. Still can't get my head around that we signed him on a 3 year deal 🤬

He's painfully slow; looks like he is towing a caravan and to top it off he's doesn't mark anyone. He's only fit for retirement in my eyes.

Next stop on his northern journey is Wick Academy!




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