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Sons vs Blue Toon

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33 minutes ago, BallochSonsFan said:

Fog is still pretty thick. Any danger of this game not starting/finishing?

Got to admit that I'm tempted to watch online today. Been up and out the house since early on and I'm just home. Not sure I can be arsed rushing lunch and going to the game.

It's certainly misty in Dumbarton East right now but I'd be surprised if the game cannot start and be completed.  This sort of weather tends to be very localised and it may be worse where you are BSF.

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Shocked this game started tbh.

I've been out the house since 7 this morning. Didnt get home until nearly 1 so not at the game and now watching on the stream (cheers for sorting it). The fog in west central scotland has been really bad. Lifted about Airdrie and was fine through Edinburgh/Haddington way, but even on the drive home I thought that it might be in doubt. Can barely see the far side touchline and I'm surprised they're not using the yellow/orange ball. Floodlights arent going to be much help as it starts to get darker.


Just noticed that it is a yellow ball. Conditions aren't good today.

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2 minutes ago, Bring Back Paddy Flannery said:

You really do have to laugh at just quite how fuckin hopeless we are at the back. We genuinely concede at least one goal a week due to a comical individual error. Is that our 10th penalty conceded this season? 

Yeah one penalty conceded on average every 2 games.

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