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Your favourite ever player for your club?

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For my relatively short period following Kilwinning (around 8 years) I'd have to go for Liam McGuiness. I just thought he was such a classy player for this level, he could read the game very well, he was a great passer and positionally excellent. It's a shame I only got to see him towards the end of his career. I know some Kilbirnie fans used to talk fondly of the partnership with him and David Anderson but that was before my time at this level unfortunately.


A close runner up would be Ross Stewart, now at Sunderland. He was only at the Buffs a short period of time but he improved dramatically and by the end of his time he was head and shoulders above everyone else on the park. His last game was a play off against Shettleston for promotion to the West Junior Premier League and you could tell he was destined for a much higher level.


A tough one for a lot of you considering how long you've supported the teams in this league and the number of players you must have seen pass through, but if you had to choose, who is your favourite player that you've seen play for your club?

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Gareth Turner. 

Sheer class. Almost won the lot during his time at Meadow.


Garry Fleming

You could tell he could play at a higher level. Such a good first touch and a good few goals. Went onto Dumbarton and was a fan favourite there too.

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John Craig at Beith, two footed, scored great free kicks and could play left or right or up front - Player of the Year and Top Scorer in his testimonial season when we first won the Premier in 2009-10. Criminally under-rated. Used to take public transport to get to training for years as well. Got lots of favourites from Beith - Deeney, McGarvey, Sheridan, Andy and Kenny and Del but JC was special.

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I've seen lots of good players over my 40+ years of watching Glencairn, but probably the most effective has been Dale Simeon. Every time he gets the ball you feel something is going to happen, and his goal scoring and assists stats when he was at the club were off the scale.

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