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The Pie and Bovril Dead Pool 2022

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3 minutes ago, weirdcal said:

Distinct lack of poits please comments

Points please.  Sad to see him go (loved him in To Sir With Love) but to have Tutu go before the New Year only to have his substitute score points a week later...

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6 minutes ago, Bully Wee Villa said:

Jack Dromey, Labour MP for Edgbaston, 73. They're dropping like flies today.

This is my first ever Dead Pool. The right people are not dropping like flies.

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Robert Hughes, ex Labour MP for Aberdeen, at 90.

Rather than the SNP, prime minister James Callaghan blamed unionist rebels on his own benches for ultimately bringing about the collapse of his government and opening the door to victory for Margaret Thatcher's Conservatives. Hughes was one of those rebels. Tam Dalyell, Peter Doig, and Adam Hunter were the other Scottish Labour MPs who helped overturn the "Yes" vote."

but on the merit side he was an anti-apartheid campaigner. 

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1 hour ago, DeeTillEhDeh said:
1 hour ago, peasy23 said:
Soon to be In The Heat of the Crematorium for Sydney.


Guess who's not coming to dinner.



I had him in my squad up until minutes from submitting, but made a late substitution because of all the shite about how all the goings on with Andrew, was bound to send Queenie to an early grave.

Don't think 2022 is going to be my year.


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