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The Pie and Bovril Dead Pool 2022

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8 minutes ago, HI HAT said:

I'll have the points but genuinely it's points I'd rather not have. MND is an absolute b*st*Rd. Thanks for the rugby memories. RIP Doddie.


Very sad indeed. MND is an absolute b*s*Rd.

I'll be feeling guilty in accepting points for this one, and yes to MM - Doddie was one of the good guys, in fact a great guy.

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Sad news about Doddie.

I have zero interest in rugby but had heard of him as a player as he was one of those guys that transcend the sport they play.

I became more aware of him when he started his campaign to raise money and awareness about MND. He seemed a big, genuine lovely guy.

MND is a b*****d

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Week 48 update

One death this week, rugby player Doddie Weir: Doddie Weir, former Scotland and Lions second-row, dies aged 52 | Scotland rugby union team | The Guardian


Doddie Weir, the former Scotland and British & Irish Lions second row, has died aged 52, the Scottish Rugby Union has announced.

Weir was diagnosed with motor neurone disease in 2016, and for the past several years had worked to raise awareness of the condition, and to generate research funds via a charity foundation, My Name’5 Doddie.

Weir made an appearance, along with his family, on the pitch at Murrayfield before Scotland’s defeat by the All Blacks less than two weeks ago. Scotland’s players wore jerseys with blue and yellow tartan that day, to mark five years since the forming of the foundation.

Weir won 61 caps for Scotland’s national team between 1990 and 2000, making his debut against Argentina in November 1990. He also won a solitary cap for Scotland B in 1989.

His professional club career included spells at Newcastle Falcons, where he made 97 appearances between 1995 and 2002, and Border Reivers in Scotland, where he played between 2002 and 2005 and also played 97 times.

There's also a nice video tribute from Tom English here: Doddie Weir: The rugby titan who captured the heart of Scots - BBC News

I watch BBC Breakfast before I go to work in the morning and although I only really see 20 minutes of it or so, over the past few years there's been a lot of time devoted to another rugby man and popular Dead Pool pick, Rob Burrows, as he's lived with MND for the past few years. Doddie Weir was featured here occasionally too but I hadn't seen him for a while until a couple of weeks ago when he and Burrows were featured along with Ed Slater, another rugby player recently diagnosed with the disease. The last I remembered was befitting of the famous commentary description of him as a "mad giraffe" - he looked like a rugby player. Tall and large. In this most recent appearance though he looked about half the weight he was before. He was in a wheelchair and had difficulty speaking.

Since I started running the Dead Pool I've taken a bit more interest in the ill and dying and I don't think I can imagine anything as horrible as MND. To me, it's a combination of two things. You see someone like any of these rugby players, or Fernando Ricksen, and it's an athlete. It's someone you associate with being physically strong or remarkable, and you're just used to them being fit and strong. Then you see them diagnosed with this disease and see what it does to them and it's hard to rationalise this against the perception you have of them, or imagine such a rapid and obvious physical decline.

The other thing to consider is what it must be like to go through this yourself. Seeing people like Weir and Burrows and how they fight through the disease doing the good they have, I don't think I could do that. They're lucky in that they have the support of family and friends, and they have a platform to raise awareness of it, but it must still take a massive amount of resilience to carry on. I don't know that I could. I hope I never have to find out.

This month, a former teammate of Burrow's, Kevin Sinfield, ran seven ultramarathons in seven days to raise money. He's over £2,000,000 so far.

Weir died at 52, so he's worth 73 Base Points. He's worth an extra 37 for a Vice-Captain and an extra 73 for a Captain. He was a popular pick, so I'm going to list them all separately:

73 Base Points for: @Arch Stanton, @ayrunitedfw, @Blootoon87, @buddiepaul, @gkneil, @HI HAT, @ICTJohnboy, @Karpaty Lviv, @Lex, @LoonsYouthTeam, @Lofarl, @mathematics, @Melanius Mullarkay, @paulathame, @pawpar, @peasy23, @psv_killie, @qos_75, @Raidernation @Sergeant Wilson, @sleazy, @sparky88, @The_Craig and @The Naitch

110 as a Vice-Captain for: @10menwent2mow and @thistledo

146 as a Captain for: @cdhafc1874, @Fuctifano, @JustOneCornetto, @mozam76 and @nessies long lost ghost

After all of that, the standings now look like this:

1. Bishop Briggs 691
2. JustOneCornetto 680
3. Indale Winton 635
4. Ned Nederlander 571
5. chompmyroot 551
6. Arch Stanton, sparky88 518
8. Billy Jean King 460
9. Arabdownunder, gkneil 445
11. weirdcal 430
12. psv_killie 426
13. Moomintroll 416
14. mathematics 394
15. peasy23 391
16. The_Craig 388
17. buddiepaul 361
18. Fuctifano, Sweaty Morph 342
20. Savage Henry 338
21. thistledo 336
22. pawpar 327
23. The DA 321
24. pubcarking 315
25. cdhafc1874 305
26. Raidernation 291
27. Melanius Mullarkay 280
28. The Master 273
29. scottsdad, tamthebam 262
31. nessies long lost ghost 259
32. Arbroathlegend36-0 255
33. Blootoon87 253
34. lichtgilphead 237
35. Karpaty Lviv 235
36. microdave 228
37. HI HAT 222
38. ICTJohnboy 221
39. senorsoupe 219
40. Desp 217
41. ayrunitedfw, The Naitch 213
43. Sergeant Wilson 209
44. ThomCat 208
45. Aim Here 205
46. Florentine_Pogen 202
47. gingette 199
48. jimbaxters 196
49. sleazy 194
50. Lofarl 176
51. paulathame 171
52. LoonsYouthTeam, thisal 160
54. qos_75 159
55. Mark Connolly 153
56. mozam76, The Hologram 146
58. 10menwent2mow 144
59. Scorge 141
60. mizfit 136

61. sophia 131
62. Lex 125

63. willie adie 115
64. Hamish's Passenger, speckled tangerine 112
66. Les Cabbage 111
67. Miguel Sanchez 105

68. Bully Wee Villa 104
69. Oystercatcher 85
70. djchapsticks, Enigma 81
72. Ray Patterson 76
73. cambozpar 74
74. statts1976uk 68
75. D.V.T. 59
76. Aladdin, BillyAnchor, doulikefish, invergowrie arab, smpar, Soapy FFC 58
82. Cardinal Richelieu, get_the_subbies_on, RossBFaeDundee 52
85. HTG 48
86. Amarillo Bairn 44
87. Bert Raccoon 39
88. Curmudgeon 35
89. Bold Rover, Clockwork, dagane, Duszek, Hedgecutter, lolls, Stringer Bell 29
96. amnarab 27

97. Everyone else 0

The spreadsheet has also been updated with these scores: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mup1IJllKHs0a47J8G6IXUkvShJrV28Iuc-Kkn7RKuo/edit?usp=sharing

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